Godmother of Punk wows Picnic


Patti Smith Crawdaddy Stage, Saturday:

Were you there? Bono was. Glen Hansard was. A crew of ultimate fans were. And more.

Patti Smith knew it. "There is so much great energy in here!" she screamed after the second song.

Thus ensued a righteous and riotous set. Indeed Pussy Riot were shouted out to when Smith was preaching about a right to pray to whomever you choose. Fists were raised when she spoke about young poets needing to rise up. The people have the power, she said.

As the set went on, Pissing In A River, her tribute to Amy Winehouse, Because The Night, people burst into tears, air was punched, everyone hugged.

And then Gloria. As the refrain of "Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine" rang out, even the bar staff were getting emotional.

All hail Patti. The Godmother of Punk and the Queen of the Picnic.

Verdict: ****

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