Gardaí seek high-speed biker


GARDAÍ ARE searching for a motorcyclist who clocked 240km/h on a road with an 80km/h speed limit.

The biker put a video of the incident, which took place on the Pettigo road in Co Donegal, on YouTube. The narrow section shown has a single white line on much of it to prevent traffic crossing. Details posted with the 6m44s video, placed on the internet on October 7th, boast the driver sped at 150mph – or 240km/h – on a Yamaha R6 bike.

Gardaí who know the road from Laghey to Pettigo – a village on the Co Fermanagh border – say the biker drove several kilometres towards Pettigo and then, riding across a gravel siding, did a U-turn to go back some distance in the opposite direction.

South Donegal Traffic Corps chief Sgt Iggy Larkin said: “This is absolutely crazy driving. It’s not a national road – it’s only a regional road with an 80km/h limit and there are a lot of very dangerous bends.”

The video was uploaded on YouTube by “Ballinakillew”, which is the name of a townland and mountain just off the Pettigo road. Gardaí don’t know whether the “Ballinakillew” identity is owned by the biker or a friend, but hope to progress inquiries through other pictures uploaded. They are unsure whether the biker lives locally or across the Border. The reference to miles per hour rather than kilometres per hour could suggest a Northern Ireland link.

The biker crossed an unbroken white line twice during the incident and passed six cars on the road and met 22 others travelling in the opposite direction.