Every picture tells a story


There was fun and pictorial games yesterday between the DUP and the Ulster Unionist-Tory alliance of UCUNF in two election billboards, one of them a spoof posted by UCUNF on the internet.

The first shows a woman, her arms folded, telling voters in Peter Robinson’s East Belfast constituency how she opposes the alliance and is voting DUP.

“Hmm,” said the sleuths in UCUNF headquarters in Belfast, “that looks rather like one of those stock pictures that picture agencies supply on the internet.”

So it proved, said UCUNF spokesman Jonathan Caine. “The pics can be bought for £20 and there are poses of the woman in different guises, as you can see from the spoof billboard we put together, purely for use on the internet.”

Of course, as Caine added, the real point was that it was highly unlikely she could vote anywhere in Britain or Northern Ireland as the shots were taken by a New York photographer, possibly in New York.

The DUP, attempting to transform this negative into a photographic positive, thanked UCUNF for the free publicity.