A Liberian nurse wearing protective clothing during the removal and burial of an Ebola victim in the Virginia community on the outskirts of Monrovia, Liberia. Scientists are hopeful that a new drug can treat the virus after  tests appeared to knock it out completely. Photograph: Ahmed Jallanzo/EPA.

Tests of ZMapp in 18 monkeys delivered 100% cure rate even with advanced symptoms

Thanks for the memories: it only required shining a blue light on certain cells in the mouse brain to change the memory. Photograph: Simon Baker/Getty Images

In optogenetic experiment on mice, researchers at MIT flip emotional recall of experiences from bad to good and vice versa

Human children burn up more energy than other primate species developing their brains, but grow during this time at a pace more akin to that of a reptile than a mammal.

Five-year-old brain demands twice as much energy as an adult’s

Prof Noel Caplice, director of the Centre for Research in Vascular Biology at University College Cork,  displays his stent mesh. Photograph: Michael MacSweeney/Provision

Coronary artery bypasses without surgery would deliver huge savings

The release of Leaving results two weeks ago showed increased numbers of students sitting physics, biology, chemistry and higher maths

It is no surprise that there is a slow, steady stream of young but experienced research scientists who end up leaving for the UK a(...)

The dangerous Aspergillus fumigatus is one of the most common disease-causing agents affecting immunocompromised patients but is also a problem in food safety. I

Fungus toxin poses risk for cancer and transplant patients, killing 600,000 people per year

A photographer taking pictures of a reconstruction of a Neanderthal man ancestor displayed  at the Prehistoric Museum in Halle,  Germany. Photograph: Sebastian Willnow/AFP/Getty Images.

‘Nature’ study examines decline of one population and rise of an other 40,000 years ago

Ten full hours of “chimp chat” have been put up online in order to encourage more research into what the animals are saying.

Dutch academics want to encourage research into what animals say in recordings

Artist’s impression of the Rosetta orbiter deploying the Philae lander to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

A space adventure to land on a comet, ‘one of the most extraordinary feats of space engineering ever achieved’, is close to happen(...)

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