Endeavour in final US air show


The space shuttle Endeavour touched down in Los Angeles today on the back of a jumbo jet, greeted by cheering crowds as it ended a celebratory final flight en route to its retirement home at a Southern California science museum.

The 75-ton winged spaceship, ferried by a modified Boeing 747, landed at Los Angeles International Airport shortly before 1pm after hop-scotching across the country from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and flying a victory lap over California.

The shuttle's arrival in Los Angeles from its last stopover at Edwards Air Force Base, about 100 miles (160 km) north in the Mojave desert, was greeted by cheering office workers atop downtown skyscrapers.

Tens of thousands more jammed into Griffith Park and Observatory and the surrounding area in the Hollywood Hills to catch a glimpse of Endeavor. People dotted each hilltop in the park armed with photo and video cameras to capture the flight.

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