Séamus Martin at the Smurfit Institute of Genetics in Trinity College Dublin. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

‘The world of cells is as amazing for its complexity and beauty as it is for the pragmatic way it deals with problems,’ says Séamu(...)

A computer programme that learns from its mistakes can teach itself how to play classic computer games such as Space Invaders, performing better than skilled human competitors at many of them.

‘Artificial agent’ learns from its mistakes to master Breakout, Pong and Boxing

The study showed that yeast used to brew the perfect lager can also be pressed into service to produce excellent stout. Photograph: The Irish Times

DNA analysis of substance used to brew stout shows origins are rooted in India

Five pointers can help you  find a middle ground where food and dietary choices aren’t driven by all the marketing and advertising. Photograph: Getty Images

The news you should feed peanuts to children at risk of developing peanut allergy runs counter to previous advice

Tuskar Lighthouse: many of the technology and engineering challenges of wave, tidal and offshore wind are likely to have been overcome, and we will have offshore “farms” where energy is harvested from the seas around us

The mix in 2050 will include gas-powered turbines and offshore wind-and-wave farms

The best way to prevent peanut allergy in young children is to feed them peanut products, according to a study published on Monday by researchers from King’s College London. Photograph: Getty Images.

Nut allergy falls by 81 per cent in children who consumed peanut protein

Cruising: won many Grand Prix show-jumping competitions

Procedure’s relative ease raises some ethical questions

BioCore’s Ellough site near Suffolk, England: “It is a major site,” managing director Peter Carey says, “and National Grid, the utility we are with, describes it as a significant site in terms of gas import.”

Plants decompose to release gas with the remains serving as a useful fertiliser

Looming danger?: a nuclear reactor dome rises over an English beach. Photograph: Jason Alden/Bloomberg

We’re afraid of fracking, we don’t like wind turbines and we don’t have enough oil. Any chance we might cut down on energy usage? (...)

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