Dublin dolls' hospital gets reprieve


If a precious toy needs mending, there’s no need for tears: Dublin’s iconic Dollstore is here to stay.

The much-loved doll’s hospital and teddy bear clinic owned by Melissa and Chris Nolan has been a city centre mainstay since the 1930s. But financial reasons led the Nolans to move operations online and shutter their shop on South Great George’s Street for what they thought was the last time on Saturday, February 5th.

However, as closure drew near, The Dollstore was bombarded with waves of support and sympathy from customers eager to preserve their both their cherished memories and their toys. In the eleventh hour, the Nolans were offered a new space for their shop.

In a few weeks, The Dollstore will be relocating to the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre at South William Street, a short hop from their old location.

“We are absolutely thrilled about the business continuing. This means that now instead of packing up our dolls and teddy bears in boxes, we can just move them across the road to their new home,” the Nolans said on their website, dollstore.ie.

As the media caught wind of distraught customers phoning and visiting from across the country, the buzz soon reached Mary Larkin, manager of the Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, who offered the Nolans the space. 

While they had previously received a few offers, what was crucial to their decision to accept was the space’s possibility to accommodate a museum.

They intend to set up a Museum of Childhood in the Ballroom, the Georgian architecture of which would complement a collection of vintage dolls and teddy bears.

“We would like to take this opportunity again to thank all our valued customers, friends and the media who have been absolutely wonderful with their support, and without them, we would not have found our new home,” the Nolans said.

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