Bing and Bob: on the road to question nine

This week’s quiz features four Draculas, three Guardians, two road warriors and one Adrian de la Touche

Florence Pugh: “You have to work up from the bottom and fight your way.” Photograph: Claude Medale/Corbis via Getty Images

Florence Pugh was awarded best actress at this year’s ADiff for her steel-eyed performance in the revenge drama Lady Macbeth. And (...)

Disciplined drama: Kool Shen, Gabin Verdet and
Emmanuelle Seigner in Heal the Living

A handsome teen gives up his heart - literally - in Katell Quillévéré’s impressive drama of interconnected tragic stories

Director Jonathan Demme at the “Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids” premiere during the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival. Photograph: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The Oscar-winning film-maker also directed acclaimed films Philadelphia, Something Wild and the Talking Heads concert documentary (...)

Last chance: Negan and Rick square off in the recent series finale of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead and new Star Trek spin-off Discovery will suffer, and if the strike is lengthy, Game of Thrones could too

Avatars: Jake Sully and Neytiri in, at $2.8 billion, the highest-grossing film of all time

The first Avatar broke records but left no cultural trace. Will its successors sink or soar?

Gamora (Zoe Saldana), Nebula (Karen Gillan), Star-Lord/Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), Drax (Dave Bautista) and Rocket (voiced by Bradley Cooper) in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2. Photograph:   Film Frame/Marvel

Film review: The sequel has more quips, more kitsch, more spectacle, less plot

Ed Sheeran. “I know what he looks like, of course. It is scarcely possible to access any medium without catching a glimpse of Ed’s ginger head.” Photograph: AP Photo/Antonio Calanni

I listen to his songs for an hour, but still feel as if I’ve never heard a single one of them

If you really loved Baby Groot me, you would stay for the post-credit sequences

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will have no fewer than five post-credit sequences

Alan Devine and Una Kavanagh in The Gift

There are moments of promise in Damian O’Callaghan’s debut, but too often The Gift tends towards melodrama

Bard education: Question eight

This week’s quiz zooms from no place like home to a galaxy far, far away

Gemma Arterton: `We even shot all of the Dunkirk stuff in the oldest studio in Pinewood. It even smelt right.' Photograph: Nicola Dove

She never thought she’d work in film. Now, she’s determined to control her own destiny

Women scorned: Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson in Unforgettable

Katherine Heigl and Rosario Dawson’s ‘erotic thriller’ is as close to being objectively, verifiably dreadful as it gets

Moe Dunford and Nicholas Galitzine in “Handsome Devil”

With contemporary fashions scored to 1980s musical references – John Butler's Handsome Devil is proudly traditional in its storyte(...)

Jessica Chastain in The Zookeeper’s Wife: Chastain’s Polish accent is perfectly serviceable, but it does nothing to distract from the creakiness of the enterprise

Diane Ackerman's moving Holocaust true story is let down by fluffy bunnies - and Jessica Chastain’s accent

Alden Ehrenreich and Warren Beatty in ‘Rules Don’t Apply’

Beatty’s off-kilter take on Hollywood’s famous recluse leans towards screwball, but never actually gets there

Sleaford Mods  vocalist Jason Williamson in Bunch of Kunst

Cheeky title for fly-on-the-wall documentary on the Sleaford Mods

Box-office gold: Charlize Theron and Viin Diesel in ‘Fast and Furious 8’

‘Fast & Furious 8’ was number one in more than 60 territories, and made $190m in China alone

Events in Cannes kick off on April 17th (a little later than usual).

Expect VR, immigration, Michael Haneke’s potential record... and lots of Nicole Kidman

Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: a bad thing. Photograph: PA/PA Wire

Who knows when Sgt Pepper by The Beatles was first declared the greatest LP of all time? It’s not even their best

Her Love Boils Bathwater, about a young woman who, after contracting cancer, brings healing to the people around her, is the critics’ choice for best film

Delicate drama ‘Her Love Boils Bathwater’ is critics’ choice for best film

A screengrab of the trailer for 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'.

The first trailer for The Last Jedi was revealed at Star Wars Celebration 2017

Colin Farrell: stars with Nicole Kidman in  Yorgos Lanthimos’s The Killing of a Sacred Deer, an Irish production to be featured in the 70th Cannes Film Festival.   Photograph: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty

‘Twin Peaks’ reprise to be screened as Cannes film festival embraces television premieres

Michael O’Shea: “It was like filling in a lottery ticket”

Two decades after graduating from film school, Michael O’Shea found himself selected for Cannes with his debut feature ‘The Transf(...)

Could Song of the Sea (above) have beat out The Lego Movie for a nomination if  every  Academy member were eligible to vote?

Rule changes in the Oscars could make it tough for independent animated films such as Song of the Sea to secure nominations

Naomi Watts  and Laura Elena Harring

The first great US film of the century still has us guessing 15 years later

Charlotte Rampling and Jim Broadbent

Julian Barnes’s dryly comic Booker winner is nimbly adapted to suit the demands of mainstream cinema

Get to the car: Dwayne Johnson ploughs through the opposition in Fast and Furious 8

Less may be more, but much more is much, much more - and no stunt is too crazy or extravagant for this barmy franchise

Amy Huberman and Jason O’Mara  on the red carpet at the IFTAs 2017 at the Mansion House, Dublin. Just out of shot is Donald Clarke’s seething rage.  Photograph: Michael Chester

Deep in the trenches of the red carpet press area at the Iftas, a ‘colleague’ nearly caused me to commit one of the great linguis(...)

Amy Huberman and Jason O’Mara arriving on the red carpet for the IFTA Awards 2017 at the Mansion House, Dublin. Photograph: Michael Chester

Statuettes also handed out for ‘The Siege of Jadotville’ and ‘The Young Offenders’

Should we be surprised that Barry Manilow felt pressure not to speak about his sexuality? Photograph: Reuters/Mario Anzuoni/File Photo

The dictum that a male romantic lead should be potentially “available” to heterosexual female fans has barely relaxed since the da(...)

Alan Arkin, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine have had some pension troubles.

Another film pretending to show older people respect while treating them as jokes

Garance Marillier joins her classmates for some lunch in Raw

This week, you can expand your political consciousness, shred your nerves or turn your stomach. Your choice

Milos Forman’s The Fireman’s Ball (1967)

The Intimate Lighting season focuses on one the great movements in post-war cinema

 Gael García Bernal, who plays officer Oscar Peluchonneau.

Pablo Larraín’s take on Pablo Neruda’s life mixes the real and the surreal, but unfortunately loses touch with its characters

Catherine Walker starring in the horror film A Dark Song

Catherine Walker overcame inevitable trials to construct one of the most intriguing CVs in Irish entertainment – and now she’s add(...)

Impressively desperate: Garance Marillier in Raw

This might be the most revolting film you’ll ever see, but there is a method to the madness of director Julia Ducournau

Anna Kendrick in Table 19

Anna Kendrick and Stephen Merchant make this Duplass brothers joint worthwhile

Kamala Khan, Marvel’s first Muslim character to have her own comic book

The claim that comic-book fans don't like ‘diverse characters’ is hearsay dressed up as evidence

‘It’s hard to tell who has more of a lion’s heart and soul, Philip Marlowe or Liam Neeson.’ Photograph: Getty Images

At 64, is the Ballymena actor too old to play Ramond Chandler’s much acted detective?

Ruth Negga and John Lynch in Isolation (2005)

Liam Gavin's A Dark Song is just the latest in a series of domestic shockers that illustrate the genre's varied possibilities

Irish television in the 1960s and 1970s: turn it on late in the day and you would get monochrome images of loaf-faced newsreaders detailing economic mayhem. Photograph:  Steven Taylor/Photonica/Getty

Donald Clarke: Many Irish teenagers view little but YouTube videos. Is that television?

Cynthia Nixon: Sex and the City “was this idea that women are going about their lives and careers, having a great time of it and not sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring”. Photograph: Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Cynthia Nixon on the legacy of the iconic TV show, playing poet Emily Dickinson in ‘A Quiet Passion’, and why Ireland's Marriage E(...)

Scared Stiff: Brian Cox, Olwen Kelly and Emile Hirsch in The Autopsy of Jane Doe

Emile Hirsch and Brian Cox are father-and-son coroners having a very weird night at the morgue

You’re fired! Boss Baby

Alec Baldwin recorded his lines for this long before he began doing Trump on SNL. But the serendipity is delicious

Seventies flair: Brie Larson and Cillian Murphy in Free Fire

Ben Wheatley’s latest - which pitches Murphy, Brie Larson, Armie Hammer and Jack Reynor into an hour-long gunfight - struggles un(...)

Vlad Ivanov (far left) conducts a police line up for assault victim  Maria Dragus in Graduation

Palme d’Or winner Cristian Mungiu returns to the theme of moral compromise, as a good doctor’s tries to help his daughter win a co(...)

Mick Wallace TD: Just back from operating in a frontline Mash unit. Photograph: Dara Mac Donaill

‘Michael Healy-Rae can continue his family’s tradition of dressing for a coursing meet’

Morphin mightily: Becky G, Dacre Montgomery, Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin, and RJ Cyler in Power Rangers

Against all expectations, this reboot is funnier, less pompous and better than anything from the current DC universe

Director of ‘Aquarius’ Kleber Mendonça Filho: “If a film-maker lives in Cork he makes films in Cork. Then that city gets exposure if the film is seen. I learned about Biloxi from Neil Simon. I learnt about Manhattan from Woody Allen.”

Kleber Mendonça Filho’s new film put Brazil’s political elite in a panic and was accused of shaming the nation. He was so delighte(...)

Taking the low road: Michael Peña and Dax Shepard in CHiPs

There is not enough mouth rinse in Southern California to purge the aftertaste from CHiPs the movie

On yer bike: Rooney Mara and Jack Reynor in The Secret Scripture

Rooney Mara and Jack Reynor are the muddled lovers with no chemistry in Jim Sheridan’s film of Barry’s acclaimed novel

Tight bond: Barbara Ronchi and Dario Dal Pero in Sweet Dreams

Marco Bellocchio keeps the drama light as he returns to that old Italian staple - the tale of a boy’s love for his mother

Fine Gael’s Leo Varadkar: has warned there might be “significant merit” in seizing the Catholic Church’s hospital and school property, but warned that the practical barriers were overwhelming. Photographer: Dara Mac Dónaill

Silencing the bell that announces ‘this is a Catholic country’ should be easy. But it's not

 Something spooky: Kristen Stweart in Personal Shopper

Olivier Assayas’ latest was greeted with boos and acclaim in equal measure in Cannes last year. “I am not making films for the con(...)

Daniel Kaluuya: The Stepfords’ houseguest

Racial satire meets full-bore horror as terrible people do terrible things to decent folk in Jordan Peele’s superb horror

Folky tale: Inés Ruiz and Manuel Cucala in The Olive Tree

Little people take on the corporate beast in this charming film written by longtime Ken Loach collaborator Paul Laverty

The  Boston twee party. Photograph: Angela Rowlings/AP

We rarely saw this verbal American atrocity written down until the rise of the internet

Barbara Steele how are ya: Samantha Robinson in The Love Witch

Anna Biller's brash tale of a glamourpuss witch is a meta-feminist reimagining of Sixties pop supernaturalia

Paul Verhoeven. director of ‘Elle’, poses for a portrait at the 2016 Toronto Film Festival. Photograph: Getty Images

The seriousness of the rape should not exclude anything funny in the film, argues the Dutch director

It would be wrong to suggest Michèle LeBlanc, played by  Isabelle Huppert, is unaffected by the attack.

Isabelle Huppert’s conspicuous authorship of central role may have muted controversy

A scene from ‘The Young Offenders’, which topped the cinema nominations for this year’s Iftas, along with ‘The Siege of Jadotville’.

‘The Siege of Jadotville’ also secures seven nods, while TG4 series ‘Klondike’ scores 10

Monster thrills: Kong Skull Island is a lot more fun than expected

Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson go ape in this irresistible Godzilla prequel, which sees Kong bigger and meaner t(...)

  Oscar winners Mahershala Ali, Emma Stone,  Viola Davis and  Casey Affleck: Davis’s glance at Affleck – who some years ago made an out of court settlement with two women who accused him of sexual harassment – does not “says it all”. Photograph: Lucas Jackson/Reuters

Commentators dissecting perceived slights at Oscars need to brush up on film history

Our fearless Film Correspondent tries to predict the films that will battle it out for the Best Picture Oscar next February

On the crest of a wave in Lahinch, Co Clare

Ross Whitaker’s brilliant documentary gives two windswept fingers to ‘Ireland's mediocrity complex’ - well, when it comes to b(...)

A scene from ‘Tomato Red. “I hope this film is about the need to have a voice and to be listened to. It’s about not pointing to other people and blaming them.”

Oscar-nominated Irish director Juanita Wilson’s latest film focuses on why people hate: ‘A random act of violence is often an accu(...)

Julia Garner and Jake Weary in ‘Tomato Red’

Juanita Wilson’s adaptation of a Daniel Woodrell novel gets by on sass, atmosphere and strong performances and delivers on a great(...)

Post-punk prog: Mogwai

The seminal Scottish record label that brought us the likes of Mogwai and Arab Strapis fondly remembered in Niall McCann’s docu(...)

Loggerheads: Michael Fassbender and Brendan Gleeson  in Trespass Against Us

Director Adam Smith’s debut Trespass Against Us plays baby Tarantino games to enjoyable effect, but where is the damn plot?

Tunnel vision:  Alien: Covenant will likely premiere at the Cannes film festival in May.

The trailer for Ridley Scott’s new film suggests it will be a lot like the original – and a lot of fun

 Hugh Jackman  in Logan. Photograph: Ben Rothstein/ Marvel/Twentieth Century Fox

James Mangold, director of 3:10 to Yuma, embraces a bit of mortal grime and delivers the most diverting superhero film in years (...)

Mix-up: La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz holds up the correct best picture winner card, reading  Moonlight, as actor Warren Beatty and host Jimmy Kimmel look on. Photograph:  Kevin Winter/Getty

‘Moonlight’ carries off best picture statuette after ‘La La Land’ wrongly declared winner

Damien Chazelle accepts the Best Director Oscar for La La Land at the  89th Annual Academy Awards.  Best picture is voted in a proportional system. Best director is first past the post. Photograph:  Christopher Polk/Getty Images

A diligent Oscars observer should be happy with nothing less than 70 per cent in the prediction stakes – which means I’m not happy(...)

“La La Land” producer Jordan Horowitz looks at the card reading Best Film ‘Moonlight” next to US actor Warren Beatty and host Jimmy Kimmel after Beatty mistakingly read “La La Land” initially at the 89th Oscars. Photograph: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty Images

Donald Clarke on the best, worst and most awkward moments of the 89th Academy Awards

Director Barry Jenkins holds the Oscar as Moonlight wins best picture. Photograph: Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

Shock as Moonlight takes best picture minutes after La La Land is announced

'iPhone accents: which key combination puts a macron over the first “o” in Yasujiro Ozu’s name? Nobody’s going to take me for somebody without a word of Japanese'

clever people whove published books and lectured at harvard argue on twitter like this so obviously i’m the idiot here

Martin Scorsese at Trinity College Dublin with provost Patrick Prendergast and the president of the Phil, Matthew Nuding. Photograph:  Alan Betson

‘Taxi Driver’ director also in Dublin to receive John Ford Award from President

The one the critics want to win: Mahershala Ali and Alex R. Hibbert in Moonlight

Donald Clarke ranks the best picture nominees at this year’s Academy Awards

Dane DeHaan: “I was the least famous person in the room. The Weinstein Company wouldn’t pay to fly me. My agent used his air miles to get me to Cannes at the last minute. I had to stay on my producer’s futon.”

The smooth actor’s star has risen slowly but surely, from ‘In Treatment’ to ‘Chronicle’ to playing James Dean. Now he's up to his(...)

Repressed outsider: Marion Cotillard in It’s Only the End of the World

Dolan’s entry into the Weekend in Family Hell genre is certainly adventurous, but woefully miscast, and ultimately fails in its am(...)

They’ve killed the Czar. Hooray!  Terence Stamp in Bitter Harvest

Noble intentions may be behind the production of this privately financed Ukrainian history lesson, but that’s really no excuse (...)

Expect a “La La Land” sweep on the night, including best film, best director and best actress

‘La La Land’ or ‘Moonlight’? Emma Stone or Natalie Portman? Casey Affleck or Denzel Washington? Donald Clarke makes his prediction(...)

Viola Davis on race and TV: “Things have changed in TV, certainly, because you now have 400 television shows on the air. There are stations you’ve never heard of. Because of the sheer volume you have more opportunity for actors in general.”

Golden Globe winner tipped for an Oscar for ‘Fences’ is, at 51, taking success in her stride

PewDiePie huh?: Disney is reportedly cutting ties to YouTube star Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg after he posted videos that included anti-Semitic content. Photograph: EPA/Stephen Morrison

YouTubers have followers in the millions but rarely appear on traditional media’s radar

Dangerous charisma: Denzel Washington as Troy Maxson and Viola Davis as his long-suffering wife, Rose, in Fences.

Denzel Washington directs and stars alongside Viola Davis in a drama that betrays its origins as a stage play

Would you like fries with that? Michael Keaton in The Founder

Michael Keaton brings a Faustian undercurrent to John Lee Hancock’s entertaining, ambiguous biopic

Rank outsider:  Damon joins the Chinese warriors in The Great Wall.

Chinese master Zhang Yimou’s monster flick, featuring Matt Damon battling killer lizards, is stunningly silly and surprisingly enj(...)

Cynthia Nixon and Jennifer Ehle in Terrence Davies’ A Quiet Passion, Wednesday 22nd, 6pm, Light House

The Dublin Film Festival is about to begin. Here are our picks for each night of the festival’s opening week

Hope floats: Mahershala Ali and Alex R Hibbert in in Barry Jenkins Oscar-nominated Moonlight

Barry Jenkins meticulous, emotional triptych on masculinity, identity and sexuality offers up a remarkable new American hero for o(...)

La La Land cinematography  award winner Linus Sandgren with Ewen Bremner and Kelly Macdonald at the British Academy of Film and Television Awards at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Photograph: Reuters

Hollywood musical scoops most gongs on occasion coloured by celebrity and politics

Wilfrid Brambell and Harry H Corbett in ‘Steptoe and Son’: sitcoms no longer capture and dictate the zeitgeist

If you want to learn about premillennial complacency in the US you need only endure a few episodes of Friends or marvel at a seaso(...)

Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey in an elevator scene in Fifty Shades Darker

The history of sex scenes in the movies is a tale of awkwardness and bad taste

Bottoms up: Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades Darker

Film Review: Part two of EL James’s recreational sadism story is even worse than the first

Annette Bening:  “We have to have dignity and class.” Photograph: Chad Batka/The New York Times

The star of ‘20th Century Women’ on Trump's America and the generation gap

Professor Ivor Browne: presented as a sort of mystical guru

This documentary about Prof Ivor Browne portrays a divisive figure in a playful way, and is alive to his flaws as his far-out idea(...)

Write what you know: Alice Lowe in “Prevenge”

Sightseers co-creator Alice Lowe delivers a dark and messy essay on gestation - and it's an unsettling, satirical gem

Joe Alwyn and Vin Diesel in Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk. Photograph: TriStar Pictures

Ang Lee’s extremely odd film is certainly audacious, but it falls flat, both as a technical experiment and as a critique of US mi(...)

Foliage flashback: Bertie Ahern gives President George W Bush shamrock in 2006. Photograph: Leslie E Kossoff

To touch forelocks to Donald Trump on the Taoiseach’s St Patrick’s Day visit to the White House would belittle us all

F Javier Gutiérrez’s murky sequel proves that some horror franchises are best left interred

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