Democrats party for Obama at final fundraising drive in Dublin


BARACK OBAMA stood at the door to welcome guests to a fundraising party in Dalkey, Co Dublin, yesterday.

No one minded that it was a cardboard cut-out of the US president as they posed with it. The guests, mainly US citizens, were there in a final Democratic fundraising drive for Mr Obama’s campaign.

The party, which had a minimum donation of €115 ($150), was organised by US citizen Moira Shipsey and co-hosted by Patti Shields, head of the Obama Victory Fund. The balloons and cupcakes were red, white and blue and even the dogs were barking their support for Mr Obama as they ran around with blue-and- red scarves around their necks.

Ms Shipsey, who is married to barrister Bill Shipsey, held similar fundraising parties for John Kerry when he ran for president and for Mr Obama when he launched his first presidential bid.

“I think the last one raised about €30,000,” she said.

Patti Shields was involved in Mr Obama’s first presidential bid when she lived in the US but moved here two years ago.

“If I wasn’t doing this I think I’d be more anxious and nervous,” she said. “It’s too close so you feel you have to do whatever you can. But the field organisation that Obama has, it’s incredible and I’m hoping that on the day it delivers.”

It is estimated that between 25,000 and 40,000 people who are eligible to vote in the US election live here.

More than 60 people attended the party, including Mr Obama’s eighth cousin, Henry Healy, from Moneygall, Co Offaly.