Jennie Flynn: “I think you have to be a bit of a gambler to be an entrepreneur”

I do a lot of research online but I try to spend my money locally, if I can

Rachel Doyle, chief operations officer, Professional Insurance Brokers’ Association: ‘As far as I’m concerned you can never be too young to start planning for your retirement.’

‘I’m very bad at haggling, even in countries where it is expected’

Fight Like Apes co-founders Jamie Fox and MayKay Geraghty tell Tony Clayton-Lea about the five years from their second to their th(...)

‘I love the art of selling, so I am known to haggle from time to time’

The temptation to mix rock music and classical is often too great for most musicians

Conor Rhatigan: “We all want be comfortable and have nice things.”

Owner of independent menswear store, Castle & Drury, Dublin

Photograph: Kenzo Tribouillard/AFP/Getty Images

Weller talks punk rock, drink and drugs. And why, as he releases his 12th solo album, at the age of 56, he likes being an old dad (...)

Laura Kelly: ‘I am always prepared to pay a little more to ensure I get a higher-quality product or service.’ Photograph: Ger Lawlor

‘It is important for me to be financially secure, but I am not motivated by it’

Laura Marling isn’t the kind of needy artist whose primary aim is to be understood by fans of her music and songs

Marling is back in London after an LA adventure and a painful knock-back with a new album and a fresh outlook

Wayne Kramer: ‘I had a duty, in that everything I had learned about how democracy functions tells me to not be quiet, to say something, to take ethical action. And that’s what I did’

Detroit’s MC5 blazed a trail in the late 1960s with blistering proto-punk and radical politics. Time has mellowed Kramer, but it h(...)

Matt Flannery: “I prefer to shop local where I can, as there’s so many added benefits. It’s easy to exchange a product; or if it’s not entirely what you are looking for, you can always ask them to order in the correct product.”

‘I couldn’t imagine a world without a smart phone’

Therapy? are, from left, Michael McKeegan, Andy Cairns and Neil Cooper

The east Antrim band began life with simple ambitions and saw their mid-1990s flirtation with the mainstream as a welcome bonus. A(...)

Anne O’Dwyer:  “I’ve played a few games of roulette and blackjack but never for big amounts – I’m an accountant at heart, so risk-taking doesn’t come naturally to me”

I’ve no problem negotiating and haggling when I’m in work mode, but for some reason I’m not so good at it when it comes to persona(...)

Frank McNamara: ‘I will search for the cheapest place online before I begin the physical shopping – much better time management.’ Photograph: Jason Clarke Photography

As long as I have enough to feed my family . . . I’m happy

Tori Amos is releasing special remastered versions of her hit albums Under the Pink and Little Earthquakes on April 10th. Listen t(...)

My house cost €385,000 and is highly unlikely to ever return to positive equity, so it will always be my most extravagant/foolish(...)

Duke Special

Duke Special’s latest album, Look out machines, is released on Friday, April 3rd. Listen to it here right now and read our four-s(...)

Trusted Advisor Group chief executive  Paul Sutton: ‘Most people have had a tough time over the past few years. It is during these tough times that you come to realise your own true values and resilience.’

‘It’s nice to have money but, for me, it’s not as important as it used to be’

‘I now understand the importance of investing properly in the foundations of any business in order to give it the best start’

Two years after stepping off the conveyor belt, Diamandis is back to shatter perceptions

Willie Kelly, Rackhouse Pilfer. Photograph by Colin Gillen

‘We shop around on a whole variety of things from studios to instruments. There are some great deals to be had’

Charlie Cullen: “I might research online but as a retailer I know the benefits of buying from a store.”

‘I learnt my lesson when friends took me to Cheltenham – I lost a full week’s wages’

Vincent McCarthy: ‘While money is the means,  financial freedom is the goal’.

‘For me, money spent on travel experiences always provides the best value’

‘I rarely take less than €200 (funds permitting) from cash machines – cash disappears so fast that sometimes I think I have been robbed or lost money’

‘I hate shopping and I haven’t really a clue what anything costs these days’

Darragh Birkett: ‘As much as I hate the expression, for me ‘cash is king’.’

‘Money isn’t that important to me . . . I don’t like worrying about it’

Rhiannon Giddens lauds ‘the bravery of the Dolly Partons and the Loretta Lynns, feminists in a male-dominated environment’. Photograph: Larry French/Getty

The North Carolina singer, now based in Limerick, has recorded her first solo album with T Bone Burnett

Gillian Mooney: “The only time I haggle over prices is in the markets in India. I don’t tend to haggle over prices at home here in Ireland, as it’s mainly fixed prices.”

‘I pride myself on not being materialistic, but admit money is important to me’

Kodaline on stage: “New songs reinvigorate the set, and playing them next to songs you’re very familiar with makes the older material fresher.” Photograph: David Wolff-Patrick/Redferns via Getty

Stuck for inspiration after the success of their first album, the Dublin band turned to Jacknife Lee, the Irish producer whose c(...)

Cut out for the music business: Jake Riviera with a cardboard Elvis Costello in 1977. Photograph: Getty Images

A chaotic company gave a bunch of misfits a break that was to change music forever

Jenny Huston: ‘I dislike paying for massive advertising campaigns on simple products and I am quite happy to buy lesser known, better value Irish items in Lidl or Aldi, for example.’ Photograph: Arthur Carron

‘Shopping online is a dream: click, pay and delivery in a day or two. Joy!’

There is a very happy and noisy Irish rock band this week, and its name is New Secret Weapon.

Karine Polwart: ‘Over the years, when you add all the songs together, of course you’re writing about yourself. And they say a lot about me, so no surprises there’

The Scottish folk singer-songwriter, who plays at Temple Bar TradFest, says the great joy in traditional music is in reading betwe(...)

Four years after 'Biophilia', Bjork returns with 'Vulnicura', an an emotional chronology of the singer’s relationship with American artist Matthew Barney

The Icelandic star is the latest to drop an album without warning, and it’s a triumph

Clare Devereux: ‘I’m definitely a spender by nature but, as a saver, I have become much better in the last few years. I think since I became a mother my priorities have changed!’

‘Online is a great tool, but you really can’t beat trying something in the flesh’

David Arnold is perhaps best-known as a composer for film, but his forthcoming concert in Dublin’s National Concert Hall will also showcase some of his compositions as a songwriter. Photograph: Ben A Pruchnie/Getty Images

He has scored five James Bond films and worked with Massive Attack, Pulp and Björk, but it all started for Arnold in a Dublin cine(...)

‘When I got my first proper monthly pay cheque, I spent it on a sculpture in a Temple Bar gallery’

Top brass: Alec Hanley Bemis. Photograph: Fergal Phillips

But it also made it possible for Brassland to keep going for another five years. Alec Hanley Bemis, co-founder of Brassland, weigh(...)

‘I am a considered risk-taker’

Although you’d be hard pressed to hear him on daytime radio, Richie Egan the man behind – and in front of – Jape, is one of Irelan(...)

‘I absolutely love slot machines, but only in Las Vegas’

The album of the week is the latest in a long list of seasonal reissues - The Jam: Setting Sons Super Deluxe Edition.

I now prefer to spend on activities or experiences more than objects

Peter Gabriel in Berlin recently. Photograph: Adam Berry/Getty Images

An artful show from one of rock music’s most committed innovators

Paul Noonan of Bell X1.  Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill
Review: Printer Clips

Paul Noonan’s project has plenty of personalities involved; if only they could resolve their differences

‘My natural instinct is to be a spender and I’m particularly partial to a nice meal out’

Burgundy Stain Sessions: Thomas Bartlett

The Gloaming pianist is bringing his salon-style Burgundy Stain Sessions to Ireland, and he’s got a formidable roster of musicia(...)

Interspersed with the conversation will be readings of Morrison lyrics by poet Michael Longley

What's tickling our cultural fancy this week

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