All office work viewed from the outside makes you glad you are not having what she’s having at all.

Opinion: white-collar work makes the worst spectator sport

At the end of each day of being boorish and unpleasant the traders would go  to the pub to be more so

Many traders were boorish, mean, sexist, racist barrow boys who operated a feudal system with its own hierarchy

As an employee, being fearless is not obviously an advantage.

If you are running a business and are scared of nothing, you are dangerous

At any given moment of the business day, millions of mostly pointless coffees are being had

Great ideas can sometimes come from a chat with the unlikeliest of people

There are far more fitness fanatics than fatties in corporate boardrooms. Yet the reason is not that extreme exercise causes extreme success, more that both are the result of the same personality defect

A testing fitness regime won’t make you a success, but it will probably make you dull

Russell Brand: “The reason I don’t vote is the same reason I don’t eat glitter; there’s no fucking point”. Photo: EPA

Over soup in an East End café Brand says capitalism has failed, gives money to a drug addict and tells Lucy Kellaway to shut up (...)

Not only are CVs unhelpful, so too are interviews  and references are the most pointless of the lot. Photograph: Getty Images/Hemera

Let’s face it, the traditional CV and interview route is a bit old hat

Conscientiousness makes work and life run a lot more smoothly: it’s time to value it more.

Conscientiousness is a far more valuable commodity than ‘passion’

Stanford University. Its ambitious female MBA students gathered together to have the hard skin rubbed off their heels and their nails painted cerise and blue, while at the same time being told by McKinsey how great it would be to work for the world’s most formidable management consultancy.

What’s next? A sponsored event involving ironing and dusting?

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