Coveney encouraged by EU talks


Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney was "very encouraged" by talks on the EU fisheries policy in Brussels today.

Mr Coveney was speaking at a press conference after today’s Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting, which he is chairing.

Mr Coveney said the Irish presidency wanted to finalise the Common Fisheries Policy by June. The timetable on fisheries would be "tough" and "difficult to achieve" but "very doable", he said. He was "very encouraged" by the response from other minister and the commission who "strongly endorsed the schedule" .

He hoped they could create a "momentum" to turn from debate and discussion to decision making on the Common Fisheries Policy, he said.

He wants “force the pace” during the Irish presidency in bringing about decisions on the CAP and fisheries policies, he said earlier today.

It is the first such meeting of the Irish presidency. This morning focused on the Common Fisheries Policy  and this afternoon looks at the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).

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