‘We have been here before. At the UN General Assembly in September 2012, Binyamin Netanyahu held up a cartoon of a bomb with a red line drawn across it to illustrate his contention that Iran would be in a position to build its own nuclear weapons by, at the latest, the end of 2013. This turned out to be entirely untrue, as everybody who knew anything about the Middle East recognised from the outset.’ Photograph:  DON EMMERT/AFP/ GettyImages

Netanyahu expected to call for US intervention to prevent Iran acquiring nuclear bombs

Hosts Chris Pine and Academy President Cheryl Boone announce the movie ‘American Sniper’ as one of the Oscar nominees for Best Picture during the Academy Awards Nominations Announcement at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills, California on January 15th. Photograph:   MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images

‘American Sniper will likely win a few gilded prizes on Sunday. Not that should matter much to lovers of movies’

‘Religion is a distorted reflection of social relations, emanating from the material world, to be eradicated only by transformatio(...)

Dr Alasdair McDonnell, SDLP. ‘Asked about pregnancy as a result of rape, McDonnell replied: “I know a number of people who are very good normal people...who were conceived as a result of what might be termed a crime”.’ Photograph: Arthur Allison/Pacemaker

Political opposition to abortion changes in North doesn’t reflect polls

‘There’s nothing dishonest about the brilliant doggerel of “The Ballad of Scouse McLaughlin”, which says more about what happened in Derry 43 years ago tomorrow than the wonderfully subtle report by Lord Saville.’ Above, the remains of an Argentine trench from the war for the possession of the Malvinas/Falkland islands in 1982. Photograph: DANIEL GARCIA/AFP/Getty Images

‘They should give Corporal Stewart “Scouse” McLaughlin the medal. He earned it doing what he reasonably believed they had sent him(...)

‘Prince Andrew is scheduled to tell a meeting at the annual World Economic Forum, of his ideas –  “my mission” –  for encouraging young entrepreneurs to go forth and multiply their money. It’s been suggested that Buckingham Palace would rather he maintained a lower profile at the moment.’  Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

‘Former footballer Ched Evans won’t be the only person to watch the news today and wonder at a world so ill-divided’

‘The Housing Executive can be seen as the most solid single achievement of the early civil rights movement. It is now at imminent risk.’ Photograph: David Sleator

Stormont House Agreement commits to redundancies and privatisation

Brenda Lee and her family must listen at least once to the song every holiday, there being no escape

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