Economist Thomas Piketty speaking at the recent Tasc conference in Dublin. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Opinion: Thomas Piketty’s proposals could effectively abolish capitalism

The European politicians gather in Paris for an informal meeting with French president Francois Hoillande (centre).

Many hedge funds have lost small fortunes betting on the inevitability of European change

Minister for Finance Michael Noonan’s budget package will carry much more political than economic significance. Photograph: David Sleator/The Irish Times

Budget 2015 is already attracting headlines

The risk is  the ECB will be unable to deliver a German inflation rate sufficient to offset deflation in the periphery such that the overall inflation target is achieved.

If all recessions have unique features, so do recoveries

Wilbur Ross’ explanation for selling down his stake in Bank of Ireland, at a near 150 per cent profit, looks, on the face of it, eminently reasonable. Photo: David Sleator/The Irish Times

Figuring out the true value of a bank is as much art as it is science

We are still far from sustainability, so there is more travelling to be done along austerity road

The raspberry sents Brussels way might have given civil servants pause for thought

The euro sculpture outside of the European Central Bank building in Frankfurt. Photograph: Arne Dedert/EPA

Lack of proper euro government bond market is why euro experiment is a mess

We love foreign capitalists but are hostile to Irish ones. Thomas Piketty would feel even more at home here than in France.

Furore around French economist’s infamous book entrenches opinions on both sides

 Leader of Ukip  Nigel Farage: the party determined to take Britain out of the EU.  Photograph: Getty Images

In the UK, the debate over immigration is becoming nasty and underlies the rise of Ukip

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