Irish women’s rugby stars Niamh Briggs and Maria Louise Riley with Gráinne McElwain of TG4 (centre). Photograph: Bryan Brophy/1Image Photography

Prominent showing for women’s rugby to continue on autumn schedule

At the Little Museum of Dublin are Conor Pope, right, with Monika Wright and Jean Michel Clermont-Goulet, the French-Canadian couple whom he advised how to spend their limited time in Dublin. Photograph: Simon O’Connor

City of a Thousand Welcomes is an initiative that asks voluntary ambassadors to introduce tourists to the capital. How will Conor (...)

The Samuel Beckett Bridge over the River Liffey, Dublin, was closed to facilitate the filming of a music video for an up and coming band called Summer Nights, apparently. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons/The Irish Times

Unusual degree of secrecy surrounded the filming of a music video for Summer Nights

The US trade embargo has been in place since Fidel Castro overthrew a pro-US regime in the early 1960s. Photograph: Keystone/Getty Images.

Bank says is cannot process transactions because of relationship with US bank

Irish Rail has owned up to shortcomings in its online facilities

This week’s consumer problems relate to Irish Rail’s ticketing service and VHI’s phone limbo

Our virtual Tesco shop of the same 30 items costs €132.64 in the Republic and €112.02 in the North, a difference of more than 20 per cent. Photograph: Carl Court/AFP/Getty Images

It might be time to break for the Border again: as our comparisons show, shoppers in the Republic pay much more for groceries than(...)

Artisan croissants: terms like ‘artisan’ commonly used on the packaging of mass-produced products 
in order
to create false impressions. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Taste Council of Ireland and Bord Bia food summer school will discuss use of words like ‘traditional’, ‘natural’ and ‘artisan’ b(...)

 Samuel Beckett Bridge: While some sources suggested that the band was behind the bridge’s closure, others said it had been closed because an ad was being filmed there for either a popular brand of chocolate or a somewhat well known stout. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

All that was known for certain was that the Samuel Beckett Bridge was closed early yesterday morning and did not reopen until earl(...)

People not paying through parking meters on  Hibernian Road, Forbes Street and Blood Stoney Road in Grand Canal Dock may be clamped.  Photograph: Alan Betson

Dublin city Parking Tag app doesn’t cover three streets owned by Dublin Docklands authority in south city centre

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