Coalition has 'road map for revival'


The Government had a clear strategy and a road map for recovery and there was “no more muddling through or hoping that something will turn up” as with the previous administration.

This was the message from Tánaiste and Labour Party leader Eamon Gilmore in his leader’s address to the Labour Party conference in NUI Galway.

Economic recovery was the Government’s primary purpose, but it was not an end in itself. “It is the means to an end, to making Ireland a fair and just society,” he told an estimated 800 delegates last night.

The Government was working to a plan, he said. “Firstly, we are restoring our international reputation”.

“Ireland depends on the outside world, probably more than most other countries. We export 80 per cent of everything we produce. We rely heavily on foreign investment to create jobs.”

He added: “Second, we have set out to increase our exports and grow new markets. That is happening.

“Exports are up €3.7 billion last year, and we are making progress developing new markets.”

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