Dig, slash and save the day in a retro gamer that tries to rise above its roots

The birds vs pigs battle continues, but this time it’s an RPG

 Travellers watch the World Cup on a giant screen in the main hall of the central railway station in Rotterdam, Netherlands. How big a screen can you fit into your living room? Photograph: EPA/Lex van Lieshout

How can you get as close as possible to the World Cup final? Bump up your visual technology

Signs near security in Terminal 5 of Heathrow Airport informing passengers about new restrictions on travelling to the US. Photograph: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

Security curbs on bringing ‘dead’ electronic devices on board aircraft are sparking focus on better battery life

The new way to pass on your photos or documents: USB sticks made form recycled paper

Can a pen that connects to your iPad take some of the pain out of your work life?

Bringing classic arcade controls to your tablet - and no Bluetooth in sight

Oisin Hanrahan: “We looked at businesses like Uber and thought it was an incredibly interesting model, and how could you apply it to home services?” Photograph: Eric Luke

From small beginnings in 2012, Handybook has grown into a highly successful company with 10,000 bookings a week

New DLC brings four-player co-op to Sony exclusive

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