Census finds population growing


The 2011 census results shows the number of Irish residents who were born outside the country has reached a new high of just over 750,000, a 25 per cent increase since 2006.

Whilst it was thought that many immigrants left Ireland in recent years, the number of non-Irish nationals increased by 124,604 between 2006 and 2011, with the Polish, Indian, Romanian and Brazilian populations doubling in size.

Overall, Ireland's population has continued to grow strongly with the population reaching 4.58 million, the highest in 150 years.

The results also point to a continued shift in population growth towards commuter-belt areas and suburbs outside the major cities and towns since the last census results in 2006.

Laois had the fastest-growing population of any county (up 20 per cent), over twice the growth rate for the country as a whole. Other areas of rapid growth included Cavan, Fingal (both 14 per cent), Longford and Meath (both 13 per cent).

The only administrative areas to record a fall in population were Limerick city (down 5 per cent) and Cork city (down 0.4 per cent). The population of the surrounding counties rose by between 8 and 10 per cent.

The urban population is now at an all-time high with 62 per cent living in towns or cities, compared to 38 per cent in rural areas.

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