Live wire: Bob Marley onstage in London in 1980

Once a crucial part of an artist’s career, these days the live album is all but extinct

USA goalkeeper Tim Howard: The positive aspect of Tourette’s is that a lot of people with the condition have unusually swift reactions. Photograph: EPA/Guillaume Horcajuelo

He has made the most saves in a World Cup match. Having Tourette’s may have helped

Surely it can’t all be down to the fact that he’s nice, bright, white and middle-class . . .

Sound footage: Neymar in Beats’ star-studded The Game Before the Game promo video

Fifa and Sony score own goal in heavy-handed attempt to ban Dre's headphones

The Ramones: Gold standard

Three chords and the youth: Ramones’ simple punk formula changed rock

This big: James Hetfield

Purists hopping mad over Metallica should just grin and bear it

Lily Allen: these days it’s all about showing up at  product launches

As La Allen’s comeback shows, launching a new bottled water is more lucrative than having a hit song

Jack White: Lazaretto

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