Bill Clinton endorses Obama


Former President Bill Clinton gave a rousing defence of President Barack Obama's handling of the weak US economy yesterday and issued a detailed attack on Republican Mitt Romney in a speech that electrified the Democratic National Convention.

Folksy, long on detail and showing he is still a master orator nearly 12 years after he left office, Mr Clinton gave a more cogent defence of Mr Obama's actions as president than perhaps the current resident of the White House himself.

Mr Obama, he said, cannot be blamed for the weak economy he inherited in 2009 and has set the foundations for strong economic growth - if voters will give him more time and re-elect him on November 6th.

"Listen to me now," said Mr Clinton. "No president - not me, not any of my predecessors - could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years."

Mr Obama finds himself in a vulnerable position with the US jobless rate at 8.3 per cent, and Mr Clinton's role was to try to make it easier for him.

If Americans "renew the president's contract, you will feel it," he said. Mr Clinton received roaring applause from thousands of Democratic supporters who jammed the convention hall in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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