Airport to charge for security bags


Passengers traveling through Dublin airport from tomorrow will no longer be able to avail of free plastic bags provided to carry their toiletries through security checks.

The Dublin Airport Authority announced tonight it is introducing vending machines for customers who need clear plastic bags to hold their liquids.

Two bags can be bought for €1 from the machines on the departures level at the airport.

The airport authority said it had provided bags free of charge to passengers since the introduction of the EU regulations on liquids in November 2007.

Under the regulations, each passenger is only allowed to carry one plastic bag of a standard size.

The bag must have a capacity of no more than one litre and it must not measure more than 20cm by 20cm. Each item of liquid carried in it must be in a container of no more than 100ml in capacity.

The rules apply to liquids such as water and other beverages, aerosol cans and toiletries such as toothpaste, shaving cream, hair gel, lip-gloss and creams.

Passengers face having any liquid in a larger container confiscated. They can, however, still purchase toiletries and cosmetics in larger containers once they have gone through security and carry these on their flight.

The only exceptions to the liquids regulations are baby food or medicines needed during a flight.

All EU member state airports introduced the restrictions in the wake of security threats

European Commission vice president for transport, Jacques Barrot, said at the time the threat of liquid explosives was “real and generic”.

“The new regulation will plug a gap in our defences, by restricting the liquids that passengers can carry past screening points and on board aircraft.

“It will apply to all departing flights in order to protect people everywhere in the union,” he said.

An apparent threat to set off bombs using liquid explosives on aircraft flying to the US was uncovered in August 2006.