Ahern endorses bank's shares


FORMER TAOISEACH Bertie Ahern endorsed Bank of Ireland shares during a radio interview yesterday.

Speaking on The Right Hookon Newstalk, Mr Ahern said he did not believe people should withdraw money from banks or credit unions because of fears over the global downturn.

Mr Ahern added: "Bank of Ireland shares are € 3.80 today. Now if I meet you here next year, or the year after, do you seriously think Bank of Ireland shares will be € 3.80? I'd go out and buy Bank of Ireland shares . . . that's what I'd do."

When asked for his views on the global turbulence affecting world markets, Mr Ahern said: "When you see one of the biggest banks in the world, Lehman's, just folding . . . a company like AIG having to be rescued . . . two big American banks last week being in trouble . . . [then] it is serious.

"But I do not go with any of the hype about withdrawing your money from the banks or credit unions."

Mr Ahern failed to quash rumours that he may run for the presidency. When asked whether he was interested, he responded: "We've a great President, and she's there till 2011, so I wouldn't talk about it until then."