Mattias Bergman, President, National Electric Vehicle Sweden: This cooperation is one of the steps for NEVS to become a front-runner in the automotive industry, with focus on electric vehicles

China’s Dongfeng links up with NEVS to develop new ‘green’ vehicles

The Chevrolet Volt is eligible for special high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes in California

Influential US state wants to remove all internal combustion engines from its roads by 2050

The sports car will start at €231,000. Time to buy a few lottery tickets

Hot or not?: the photographs of the new Kia Sportage show a car that looks a good deal less sleek and sexy than the one in the official drawings

Kia’s crucial new crossover revealed by Korean website

Since 2013, 12 Ferraris, two Lamborghinis, 12 Aston Martins, 13 Bentleys and 32 Porsches have had their residual VRT refunded. Photograph:

Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche buyers taking advantage of VRT repayment scheme

New direction: BMW’s next generation of its 4 Series convertible is expected to return to a soft-top

BMW 4 Series convertible likely to return to cloth-top when it is launched in 2021

Social media leak reveals Ferrari’s last non-hybrid V12 supercar

F12 is rumoured to be getting a boost to nearly 800hp

Audi claims the S8’s aluminium space-frame chassis has one of the lowest weights in its class: just 231kg when bare

Four-litre turbo V8 delivers 605hp in a lightweight aluminium chassis

Jazz hands or Jazz blands? Depends on how you do your shifting

Honda’s new NSX: rumours have flooded the internet over the idea of a new small Honda sports car, one to accompany the upcoming hybrid supercar

Hyundai’s plans for an Alfa 4C rival could be canned but Honda’s new S2000 could be a go

Skoda has come out on top of the latest JD Power car buyer satisfaction survey

European brands catching up with Japan and Korea in reliability terms

The Lexus hoverboard: wheel-less skateboard has been developed using magnetic-levitation technology, the same wizardly that recently saw a prototype mag-lev train in Japan break the 400kmh barrier in testing

However it needs 200-metres of specially designed track to work. And you can’t buy one

Hyundai Santa Cruz pickup: the truck was originally unveiled as a concept at the Detroit motor show

Model could rival Amarok and HiLux and benefit from building trade recovery

Third row of seats will make way for enormous stack of batteries

Honda is asking €48,000 for the Civic Type-R

Honda is asking €48,000 for the Civic Type-R

But by signing up Clarkson, Hammond and May for an as yet untitled show, Amazon is treading into new waters.

Cutting edge streaming TV for everyone’s favourite motoring dinosaurs: but will it sell?

A Dutch company is working with the city of Rotterdam to develop the first-generation of plastic roads, which would have the potential to cut carbon dioxide emissions from road transport by two per cent.

Prefabricated ‘bricks’ developed by Volker Wessels could be faster and more affordable to lay than conventional roads

With an optional top speed of 280km/h, this is no ordinary runaround

Leaf update will uprate 24kWh battery to a 30kWh unit

Uprated battery hopes to keep current Leaf competitive until more high-tech replacement arrives

Legendary car designer Giorgetto Giugiaro has left the company he founded  “to dedicate more time to his personal interests”

No send-off for legendary designer as Audi acquires remaining 9.9% stake of company

Big and imposing: the Renault Talisman is the successor to the long-defunct Laguna

But car maker’s new saloon almost certainly not bound for Irish shores

Estate throws off the minicab tag and emerges as a potential Audi rival

Mid-sized MPV available as a five-seat or seven-seat format with prices starting at €25,755

Big bus: it may fail to inspire motor enthusiasts but the new Touran will appeal to families in need of a safe and reliable seven-seater

The new MPV won’t set your pulse racing but it is spacious and very safe to drive

The Galaxy’s styling follows a familiar set of lines – in fact, were it not for the big grille and narrower lights at the front, you’d probably be hard-pressed to distinguish it from its predecessor

Latest Galaxy is impressively spacious on the inside and smart on the outside

Renault-Nissan has announced that it has passed a significant milestone - the group as a whole has sold 250,000 electric cars

Franco-Japanese alliance has now sold 250,000 electric cars

Hyundai had a strong June, keeping ix35 sales on the boil.

VW continues to dominate sales ahead of Toyota as the market prepares for new 152 plate with sales for first six months up 25%

Self-driving just one of the hugely expensive technologies in which car makers now need to invest

Report says car makers face mounting investment worries

Subaru needs to make greater strides in the engine department. The  gearbox strains and bellows under full acceleration

Revamped 4x4 too expensive and in need of a bigger engine, yet curiously appealing

Buyers are in increasing danger of having their cars reposessed if the previous owner defaults on their finance. warns of increasing number of used motors sold with money still owed on them

Has Lexus really created a Back To The Future-inspired hoverboard?

Japanese firm claims to have fulfilled Back To The Future’s 2015 promise

Porsche has topped the JD Power quality survey, ending years of Japanese domination

Porsche and Kia owners complained the least about their newly purchased vehicles

 A man taking photos beside the Volkswagen logo at the 16th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition in Shanghai, China, in April. A  vast shopping spree  in past years built up the now titanic Volkswagen Group. Photograph: How Hwee Young/EPA

Car firms buying up others is nothing new, but are we on the verge of super-mergers as groups look for new partners?

Top Gear’s new host Chris Evans: How will the Top Gear faithful react? It’s hard to say, and certainly there are some extremists out there.

BBC confirms ginger car nut will be Clarkson’s successor

A Ferrari 250 GTO from the personal collection of Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason

Classic car prices are already in the ascendant. A famous name on the logbook just pushes them ever higher

For as little as €3,000, criminal gangs are arming themselves with sophisticated electronic devices, which allow them to  access  vehicles’ computer systems.

Gangs are able to erode layers of electronic security supposedly protecting our cars

Hyundai i10

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Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
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BMW 5 Series

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BMW 3 Series

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Audi A3

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Kia Sorento

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Mazda 6

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Volkswagen Golf

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Skoda Fabia

Your guide to the pick of 152-plate models

Chris Evans will replace Jeremy Clarkson in a new series of Top Gear.

BBC confirms that TFI host and recognised car fan will take the lead presenting duties

The most expensive plate yet sold was auctioned off by the DVLA last November – registration 25 O was bought by John Collins, a specialist Ferrari dealer. The plate is intended to grace one of the hugely expensive Ferrari 250 GT cars which pass through his hands.

Michael Noonan says N0 W1Y to personalised plates

Mercedes has a vision for self-driving cars, but is is Utopia or Dystopia?

But could robot cars cripple car makers?

When it s Porsche not a Porsche?

Now it’s the Porsche Macan’s turn to be ‘photocopied’

7 Series for 2016 shows up online ahead of June 10th official reveal

Ford’s Le Mans challenger makes most F1 cars look effete.

F1 has reached its nadir just as endurance racing finds its ascendance

New Honda Civic Type-R: surprisingly docile for a car with 300bhp on tap

Volcanic power but chassis is cool and collected

1975 E21 (far right) gave birth to 3 Series name but 1982’s E30 (second right) created its birthright.

In many ways it’s the iconic middle class car that made BMW a market success, but has it also developed a mid-life crisis?

Mazda’s CX-5: SUV got off to good start by being Japan’s top-selling SUV in 2012 and 2013

Mazda’s SUV passes the million mark after just three years in production

Diesel emissions testing is to be taken out of the lab and on to the street

New ‘real-world’ emissions testing will be resisted by worried car-makers

China’s cheap, domestic brands are elbowing aside the foreign imports in the race for SUV sales.

China’s cheap SUV sales are hurting prestige car makers

Fiat’s first mid-size car for almost a decade was unveiled at the Istanbul motor show

Hatch and estate version planned but they are unlikely to be called the Agea

DS5 2.0 BlueHDI 150hp: Can it now be taken seriously as an Audi rival?

DS used to be premium and affordable, now it’s luxury only and still no rival for Audi

The tightly cropped over-the-shoulder shot of the 3.0 CSL Hommage

The new 3.0 CSL Hommage has been inspired by a legendary model of the past

With a manual gearbox, the Cooper S Works can sprint to 100kmh in just 6.3 seconds

Most powerful Mini ever sports 231hp engine

New Superb Combi estate boasts a 660-litre boot.

Skoda reveals spacious new Superb Combi

Future Jags could be able to read your sub-conscious reactions.

British car firm wants to tap deep into your brain

Porsche’s new, smaller Panamera will draw on the looks of this concept car

Hydrogen fuel cells also on the agenda for luxury brand

A 2016 aluminium Jaguar XF is shown at the 2015 New York International Auto Show in New York City in April. Photograph: Mike Segar/Reuters

New inline engines could allow for a small hatchback model

 VW says new tech will mean its W12   is the most efficient 12-cylinder engine  in the world

Car maker shows off technology at International Vienna Motor Symposium

Minor updates and wider engine range put A1 ahead as rivals go backwards

Irish Honda customers will be contacted in the coming weeks to have their airbags replaced.

Car firm says 9,200 airbags made by Takata must be replaced on Irish cars

The all-singing, all-dancing Maserati Ghibli S signals an Italian sports saloon renaissance

Jeep will revive the Grand Wagoneer name for a super-luxe Range Rover rival.

Top-spec Jeep Grand Wagoneer should arrive in 2018 with seven-seat format and promises of a vastly improved interior on the curren(...)

Super-GTI goes on sale next year to mark 40th anniversary of the original hot Golf.

Annual Worthersee party will see debut of 261hp Golf

The latest BMW 3 Series seems barely changed at all on the exterior

Facelifts from Germany and Spain - both all but invisible to most and hard to spot the differences between the current models and (...)

As many as 2,500 lives could be saved by having mandatory auto-dial systems

New EU rules means all cars get auto dial system which calls for help in an accident

Audi has just this week made its first small batch of one of the world’s first entirely eco-friendly hydrocarbon fuels

Car maker has created its first batch of entirely eco-friendly e-diesel

Bright and shiny: new car sales figures suggest the car trade will finally break the 100,000 sales this year, for the first time since 2008

Sales continue to strengthen nationwide as the industry recovers strongly from the recession

Prices for the new Mazda MX-5 start at €27,995  when it goes on sale in Ireland in August

Latest version of the iconic sports car is €5,000 cheaper than the outgoing model while diesel CX-3 will start at €24,195

Chunky 500x is Fiat’s best styling work for a while.

New 500x seeks to win over Irish buyers by appealing to their crossover desires

Peugeot, Citroen and Dongfeng will co-develop their next generations of cars.

Dongfeng and PSA Peugeot Citroen will co-develop new car platforms

Super-luxury XC90 Excellence previews Volvo’s move into more premium markets

Specced-up XC90 will appear in China first, followed by 5-Series-rivalling S90

Sergio Marchionne wants to find a new owner or partner for Fiat but it’s a tall financial order

Italy’s top dog seeking new suitor for Fiat-Chrysler before he retires in 2018

Mercedes’s CLA Shooting Brake estate is impractical, yet, paradoxically, still good

No it’s not he Land Rover Evoque - this is in fact the Land Wind X7, though we can see how you might be confused

When is an Evoque not an Evoque? Perhaps when Chinese firm Landwind offers its take on the crossover market

GLC Coupe will be one of seven Mercedes SUVs.

Mercedes hopes its rival to the BMW X4 and Range Rover Evoque will hit markets next year

Citroen Ireland claims that you would have to cover 136,000km to break even on buying a diesel.

Citroen launches new frugal petrol engined range as worries over diesel’s effect on air quality continue

Bentley Continental GT V8: The Continental GT has been a soaring success for Bentley – it was the first model launched under Volkswagen ownership and instantly took the venerable British luxury brand from making a paltry couple of thousand cars a year to runaway sales success.

Can eight be greater than 12? That’s the question facing the wealthy elite for whom the Bentley brand is on their motoring shortli(...)

308 R concept’s performance puts the hot hatch into the BMW M3’s league.

308 R Hybrid previews a new breed of GTI

End of the road: Belfast-Waterford-Dublin-Waterford-Belfast, over the course of four days. By the end I was deaf, my left leg had developed a cramping twitch and my wallet was sucked dry by the 25mpg thirst.

Land Rover’s Defender is on the way out. Will a new one be able to match it for charm and capability?

Take-up of high-tech car safety systems is far lower among Irish buyers than it is across Europe

Extra cost of VRT is holding back safety options compared with Europe

Next SLK will go front-drive and become an Audi TT rival

Volkswagen trimming back on range of different cars it produces

It may have been created in the Big Bang, but hydrogen could turn out to be a damp squib

Car makers are proclaiming a hydrogen revolution, but will it reach these shores?

Aircross’ styling is meant to be friendly and unthreatening.

C4 Cactus’ success is prompting Citroen down the SUV track

Lantern-jawed styling for the new Vitara

Re-invented SUV does well off-road though suspension becomes noisy on rural terrain

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