A light film of libidinous sweat shimmering just below his nostrils

Because my conversation with a fellow student of Irish in Donegal was so limited, we were forced to live in the present

‘It wasn’t Garth Brooks that they were afraid of.’ Photograph: Mario Anzuoni/Files/Reuters

They can’t abide happy culchies coming up and screaming their heads off in Croke Park and dancing around O’Connell Street, the dri(...)

‘My favourite film of the week was Voice of the Voiceless, a black-and-white masterpiece about a deaf girl dancing on the New York subway as she looked for money from commuters’

I was in Galway. No matter what I did, I couldn’t avoid inhabiting one story or another

Michael Harding at Lough Allen, Co Leitrim. Photograph: Brian Farrell

At a hotel in Clonmel, a middle-aged couple made a dramatic entrance, like a pair welded together in the hell of matrimony

Body and Soul at Ballinlough Castle, Co Westmeath. Photograph: Allen Kiely

I used to think young people went to festivals just to get drunk or do drugs. At Body and Soul I realised I was wrong

Dermot Healy: love was the root of his books

In his most famous work, A Goat’s Song, he excelled himself in revealing the Irish male as the dreamer, the broken thing that a ma(...)

Michael Harding at Lough Allen, Co Leitrim. Photograph: Brian Farrell

A picnic is just a matter of getting to some place where you can relax, and for me there is nowhere better than the cliffs of Done(...)

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