The Earth seen in relation to a solar eruption needs your time and brainpower to compare sunspot groups

Claire O’Connell at home in Dublin, trying to improve her life month by month. Photograph: Alan Betson

Instead of giving yourself one massive challenge at the beginning of the year, why not change habits one month at a time?

Dr Cliona Murphy: is taking part in the BioInnovate programme at NUI Galway

Winning idea looks to make it safer to introduce devices into arteries through needle puncture

Online reviews form a treasure trove of information, whether people are looking for advice or leaving their own opinions for others to read

Online reviews offer a trove of information for fellow customers, and researchers in UCD are figuring out how to analyse what the(...)

Taste is a powerful sense and can evoke vivid memories, but the primary function of our senses is far more basic. Background: a microscopic image of a tongue and taste buds. Images: Thinkstock, Getty

Our ancestors’ perception of taste was important for survival and thriving. Now researchers are trying to produce food with reduce(...)

Dr Cliona Murphy, a consultant gynaecologist and obstetrician at the Coombe Women & Infants University Hospital in Dublin. Photograph: Barry Cronin

Getting gynaecological issues checked out in good time can pay dividends for quality of life

Émer Hickey, Sophie Healy-Thow and Ciara Judge from Kinsale, Co Cork, winners of the BT Young Scientists of the Year 2013 title. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Three girls whose passion has had award-winning and groundbreaking results offer tips for excelling at science

Dr David Mckeown, based at UCD is using maths to control space rocket vibrations

From freak waves to gut bugs, Irish scientists are working to crack some of the imponderables in life

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