Tourists on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Magic Kingdom, Disney World.

Your travel queries answered

The Lake District in northern England is a good spot for a family get together in late autumn

Ask Joan: your travel dilemmas solved: a venue for a 55-person family get together, taking a friend to Florence

 England face  Australia at the Oval in  August  2015. Photograph: Philip Brown/Reuters

Joan Scales answers your travel questions on inclusive breaks for cricket fans and holiday tours for singles.

A cruise ship is the one place where you will not find a cat

Cat phobia curbs couple’s holiday plans, and hotel prices hinder visit to Westminster

Things to see in Chicago  include the Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum of Natural History and the Art Institute of Chicago
Ask Joan

Springfield via Chicago, going to Herculaneum and finding specialist health insurers

Having dinner in someone’s home, visiting food markets with a local or joining a celebratory meal are just some of the latest foo(...)

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