This new restaurant makes a good first impression but ultimately disappoints

Some sea buckthorn berries foraged by Catherine Cleary on North Bull Island in Dublin

Go foraging for this coastal treat – but don’t forget your goggles and secateurs

Wicklow hotel serves up hearty old-fashioned food in a dining room that has changed little in years

The restaurant has been styled and marketed to appeal to food lovers but the food falls flat

Temple Garner, JP McMahon and John Wyer in Wyer’s Forest Avenue restaurant in Dublin. Photographs: Sean Breithaupt,

It’s moustache-growing month, although facial hair isn’t compulsory for men to become involved in Movember. Three chef ambassadors(...)

It’s hidden away on Clanbrassil Street in Dublin. Go, while you can still get a table

It sounds like a name for a visa but J2 serves up delicious sushi and river views

This fussy room is in a great location but, while the menu is tempting, the food is deeply ordinary

The cooking at Amuse is more French than Asian but it’s a fresh take on the stalwart bistro model

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