It sounds like a name for a visa but J2 serves up delicious sushi and river views

This fussy room is in a great location but, while the menu is tempting, the food is deeply ordinary

The cooking at Amuse is more French than Asian but it’s a fresh take on the stalwart bistro model

Fresh Gigas oysters on the beach on the Danish island of Fano. Photograph: Mikkel Kallehauge/ Mark & Bjerre Photography

Feel the thrill of banarnacled ridges, unusual beers and beach sail carting on a foraging trip to Denmark

Sage advice in Cork: eat local. A delicious tribute to the folk that grow, harvest, or produce fine ingredients in Midleton’s hi(...)

Restaurant Forty One has a curious booking policy but great food. Chef Graham Neville’s cooking should be tried by everyone

Michelin’s announcement that none of its 14 new stars are going to Ireland has gone down like a rates bill in the gossip-loving Irish restaurant world. Photograph: Chef Mikael Viljanen (left), Lady Helen in Mount Juliet (top) and Galway restaurant Aniar.

Disappointment as Michelin Guide awards no new stars to deserving Irish restaurants

Garrett Byrne, head chef and proprietor of Kilkenny’s Campagne restaurant which has retained its star.

No new stars for Irish restaurants, with nine eateries retaining their commendations

Garrett Byrne, head chef and  proprietor of Kilkenny’s Campagne restaurant.

French food inspectors’ inscrutability makes it difficult to make predictions on stars

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