Exit strategy: Web Summit foudner Paddy Cosgrave. Photograph: Stephen McCarthy/Sportsfile

Ireland’s high-profile tech event packed its bags on Thursday and set sail for Portugal. But will it succeed there, and will Dubli(...)

Oliver Dunne may have changed the set-up in his restaurant but the food is still excellent

This eaterie off Grafton Street is all about the meat, but have your starter and dessert elsewhere

Kenco’s current Coffee vs Gangs campaign: running on The Irish Times in Ireland and the Telegraph in the UK

Native advertising offers hope for publishers, but they need to keep readers’ trust

Arthur Beesley (left): ‘There are greater and more pressing inequalities that should be tackled’; and Hugh Linehan: ‘There is no logical reason for the existing age limit of 35 on candidates standing for the presidency.’  Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

Yes, says Hugh Linehan. No, argues Arthur Beesley, in an Irish Times online debate on the referendum

Numb: Diary of a War Correspondent. Published by Liberties Press. Ghostwritten by Louis La Roc, pseudonym for former Fermoy solicitor Colin Carroll.

Author Colin Carroll promoted his book as a work of non-fiction

 Best Day Out in Ireland 2015 - #bestdayout . Illustration: Dearbhla Kelly.
The Best Day Out in Ireland
  • Travel
  • April 18, 2015, 01:00

An ‘Irish Times’ competition is looking for the best ways to spend a day in Ireland – and we want your help. Here, ‘Irish Times’ w(...)

‘It is a very male-dominated environment and you need to be quite tough to come through it.’ Chef Dylan McGrath. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The yah-boo-sucks chippiness evident in his ongoing rows with Richard Corrigan recalls Roy Keane in his Saipan heyday, but these d(...)

‘Recent reforms of Freedom of Information legislation don’t go nearly far enough to reflect international best practice in opening up State-controlled databases to the public.’

Irish media have been slow to engage with data-driven projects. But that is changing

‘There seems to be an assumption in some quarters that if a child doesn’t get her sticky fingers all over her personal iPad before she knows how to spell her own name, she will be doomed for life, forever playing catch-up with her more tech-savvy peers.’ Photograph: Getty Images

‘The idea that turning your young child into a super-user will give her an advantage over anyone else is akin to thinking that ma(...)

A car at the scene of a fatal crash last May in Fairview, Dublin. Photograph: Hugh Linehan/The Irish Times

Opinion: Is it merely ghoulish voyeurism or justified public interest?

Enterprising: Captain James T Kirk

There’s no reason to believe literacy is declining, Steven Pinker argues in his new book, ‘The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person(...)

Ted talker: Bill Gates. Photograph: Ryan Lash/Ted

Tomorrow, Newstalk begins broadcasting TED Talks, those stimulating speeches on arcane subjects that have become an online phenome(...)

‘This weekend, the Archbishop of Tuam Michael Neary had some provocative things to say during Mass at Croagh Patrick’s summit.’  Photograph: Michael Mc Laughlin

Opinion: Ireland is highly unusual in still having a constitutional prohibition on blasphemy

“Strip away the modern accoutrements, and the production line involved in getting out a daily newspaper is essentially the same now as at the end of the 19th century.” Photograph: Getty Images

Print media must adapt to a new communications reality. There is nothing to fear in exploring this complex arena

Brett Meyers, chief executive of CurrencyFair, explains how he convinced  Sebastian Chabal to dress up as a fairy.

Tom Lyons is in the chair as our business journalists discuss the week’s big stories

“The loosening of copyright through the introduction of a broad range of ill-defined exceptions will inevitably lead to uncertainty and lack of clarity in our copyright legislation.”

The Copyright Review Committee’s report needs to be considered in the context of an EU-wide discussion

Max Mosley, the former head of Formula One racing.

Paris court rules search engine must block access to nine illegal sex images

“Irish people’s pathological obsession with property, is often intertwined with the worst sort of petty snobbery”. PHOTOGRAPH: ALAN BETSON

Apology did not say he had been factually incorrect

Pat Kenny kicked off his new show on Newstalk radio today. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

A good, solid start by the veteran broadcaster, but where are all the women?

Pat Kenny says an important factor in his decision to leave was RTÉ’s insistence that he should present Prime Time two nights a week, which he felt was a step backward from his role on The  Frontline.

Presenter says Newstalk approached him because station hinted he was available

As Pat Kenny begins his new radio show on Newstalk, he talks about what 41 years at RTÉ have taught him and says even his mistak(...)

Strangford Lough covers an area of 150sq km, yet it is seldom more than 10m deep. Photograph: Arthur Allison/Pacemaker

The series concludes with a boat trip around the Co Down sea inlet, often drawn but little-visited

Companies such as Twitter make much of their origins in hippie/libertarian philosophies. They are also rather keen on ’light-touch’ regulation.

The social networking site will need to do more to prove it takes abuse seriously

We’ve listened to what you’ve had to say and we’re taking action

The Seanad chamber at Leinster House. There is a rather queasy line of inheritance that
 runs from 1930s corporatism through 1990s social partnership to contemporary identity politics.

If the Dáil is so dysfunctional, why don’t we reform it instead?

Novelist Roddy Doyle blamed the Irish secondary school system for causing the groupthink which was the reason “the country was now “f****ed”. Photograph: Jacob Blickenstaff

Media Future event features strong contribution from novelist Roddy Doyle

Spanish Restaurant El Celler de Can Roca

El Celler de Can Roca was voted the world’s best in a Restaurant magazine poll. Does it live up to the hype?

The new Irish Times website. Photographer: Dara Mac Dónaill / THE IRISH TIMES

The online editor on redesigning irishtimes.com and differentiating it from the printed newspaper

As the ‘Guardian’ newspaper throws itself into the digital age, its editor, Alan Rusbridger, shares his views on print journalism…

In recent months, Ireland’s standing army of pundits, weary perhaps of circumnavigating the same five subjects in ever-decreasing…

Santa's loot shoot

Santa Claus is already filling the sleigh for his busiest night of the year

THE THEMES: LET’S BE HONEST. As a novel, Dracula is no great shakes

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