As for the exercise-longevity ratio, those who hate running might be unimpressed

The rejuvenating effects of running may not be merely physical

 Ewan MacColl: centenary of his birth. Photograph: Michael Ochs/Getty Images

‘Dirty Old Town’ has all but taken out Irish citizenship in the years since it was written

The German copyright on Mein Kampf is about to expire.  Photograph: Roger Viollet/Getty Images

Translation was rushed into print, with ominous timing, in 1939

  I’m sure my grandfather would have admired bees, with their famous work ethic and productivity. But I still have to wonder about the feasibility of sharing his sleeping quarters with them.

‘I imagine my grandfather subduing the bees with puffs from his pipe’

  CJH (which, by the way, is also the code for an airport in British Columbia) is at least an associate member of an elite club that includes just three former occupants of the White House – Johnson (LBJ), Kennedy (JFK), and the second Roosevelt (FDR).  Photograph: Robert Knudsen

‘There is a certain cachet to being identifiable by a triple-letter combination, as if you’re an airport code’

The Irish Whiskey Museum in Dublin features a graph made up of vintage bottles

‘With cameo roles involving Queen Elizabeth I, among others, the whiskey story is told over three storeys of the architectural kin(...)

Hillary Clinton in Dublin. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

‘She looked at me for at least a half a second. And I like to think we bonded’

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