John Cooper Clarke:  probably the only person who could write a perfect haiku about how hard it is to write a haiku – and make it funny. Photograph: Ben A Pruchnie/Getty Images

A walk on the wild with the haiku set

Edna O’Brien was reported to be “a bit stunned” to hear Drewsborough, near Tuamgraney village in east Clare,  had gone for auction, “as she had loved the place”.  Photographer: Dara Mac Donaill

Ireland is happy to enjoy the cultural kudos – and tourism revenue – its once-shunned literary lions bestow on the country but the(...)

Corita Kent: a nun for 32 years in a Hollywood convent before she left to become a full-time artist

Kent subverted consumerism in her art and annoyed the church with her ideas

Flann O’Brien: taking up the pickaxe

Given its importance in 20th-century fiction, why has ‘Ulysses’ not influenced more Irish writers?

Collaboration: Alice Lyons and Orla McHardy made The Polish Language

Just as a music video adds a new dimension to a song, a poetry film can reimagine the poem – and sometimes takes it somewhere else(...)

Girls practice their cursive handwriting on a blackboard in 1935. Photograph; Harold M Lambert / Getty Images

Children in the US public school system don’t have to learn cursive but many educators say handwriting helps children’s cognitive (...)

In praise of Lynda Barry, whose books about creativity are themselves works of art

Paperback Review

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