‘I did so much damage the credit card company called me thinking someone had stolen my card’

John Lydon: ‘I was raised by my parents to go through the school of hard knocks without self-pity.’ Photograph: Sahlan Hayes/Getty

The former Sex Pistol on his London-Irish upbringing, his new memoir, and why there’s no tension between his quest for integrity a(...)

Review: This list of shelved or abandoned albums by the likes of Pink Floyd, Prince and U2 offers little to write home about

Tindersticks: Ypres

‘I mastered the art of being a people pleaser. I rarely said no to anyone, and I always made sure that everyone’s needs were taken care of before my own.’ Photograph: Larry Marano/Getty Images

Serious illness and the media clamour over her split from Lance Armstrong caused Crow to remove herself from the nosiness of LA an(...)

The last thing I bought was a pair of football boots with moulded studs. At my age, this is a bit of a gamble

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