AdBlock: wipes sites so clean that it leaves white rectangles where you know an ad should be – like someone cutting holes in a newspaper before you picked it up. Photograph: Scott Griessel/Getty

Online advertising is a scourge of our day. The plug-ins that block them are a scourge of advertising

What’s going on?: we’re still no wiser how the centenary of the Rising will be marked. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

With the centenary of the Rising approaching, the only thing certain is that it’s going to get messy

Photograph: Daniel Acker/Bloomberg

The media treat their Facebook pages as part of their brand but don’t always take responsibility for what other people post on the(...)

Regeneration: Doctor Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman

It’s time for a new Doctor Who, and a new chance to get on board the Tardis

Awesome: squeezing into shot at Fianna Fáil’s 2009 ardfheis

Give an Irish person an RTÉ camera and Marty Morrissey and any sense of decorum goes out the window

 Pádraig Pearse: he may have whistled but he most definitely did not say farewell to his wife in the moments before his execution.  Photograph:  National Archives of Ireland

Despite the stoicism and forgiveable innacuracies in his account of the executions of the leaders of the Rising, there are glimpse(...)

Dab hand: cleaning the graffiti off Molly Malone this week. Photograph: Eric Luke

Dublin’s statue of Molly Malone is an ever-stoic victim of the impulse to spray-paint, tag and otherwise deface our surroundings (...)

Now dig this: why don’t we depict historical events in the spots across the country where they took place?

It’s easier to learn about the past when it pops up in front of you

Airy port: The departures lounge in Heathrow’s Terminal 2. Photograph: Niel Hall/Reuters

Sure, Heathrow still has its dignity-stripping moments, but for the Irish the longest walk is no more

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