Is Jamie Oliver the king of Christmas?

Jamie Oliver, Gwyneth Paltrow, our own adorable Donal Skehan: if you believe celebrities’ Instagram accounts, they all have Christ(...)

‘As long as my children can quote at least one line from ‘The Snapper’, their Irish heritage is intact.’

Here are nine words and phrases that only people from Ireland will understand. We’re great gas altogether

California Christmas: ‘We are beginning to build our own set of Christmas traditions in our new home, and importing as many of the old ones as we can’

I miss calling it ‘the Christmas’. My mother’s ham and cider sauce. The long, lazy joy of Stephen’s Day...

Angelina Jolie: could she be heading for the White House? Photograph: Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Jennifer O’Connell: It’s one thing celebrity activists lecturing us about the things we should be concerned about, and quite anoth(...)

Bill Cosby’s alleged victims’ drunkenness should be irrelevant to the case

A woman’s taste for Jim Beam or Pinot Noir does not make her fair game

A bumpy ride: motherhood has become a loaded term. Photograph: Thinkstock

Motherhood has become a high-stakes endeavour, and it seems all of society has something to say about women’s child-rearing abilit(...)

Elsa from Frozen

To hell with gender stereotyping - let it go

One of Target’s mannequins

Target in the US uses child-size mannequins with breasts to sell tops for kids

Monica Lewinsky: making a case for the public to recast its opinion of her. Photograph: David Maialetti/AP Photo/Philadelphia Daily News

Jennifer O’Connell: Lewinsky was betrayed by many people, but her greatest betrayal was by a society that loves nothing more than (...)

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