Hospitals need to stop counting patients, beds and discharges, and start measuring outcomes and value for money. Photograph: iStockphoto

More than one million people were treated by emergency departments in 2014, says Jacky Jones

In practice, women in Ireland have little choice about how, when and where to give birth. Photograph: Thinkstock

Ireland’s consultant-led maternity services are misogynistic and need to be overhauled, says Jacky Jones

The latest Survey on Income and Living Conditions from the Central Statistics Office makes for grim reading, says Jacky Jones

Operation Transformation: television and radio shows focused on individual lifestyles will not fix the obesity problem and may even make things worse. Photograph: RTÉ

If RTÉ wants to contribute to population health, it must produce programmes that expose the determinants of obesity, says Jacky Jo(...)

More money never makes up for the loneliness and homesickness that can be felt by emigrants. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Nearly 250,000 healthy citizens have left since 2008, but no one seems to care

 The promenade from the Claddagh to the lighthouse on Mutton Island is one of the few places left in Galway city where citizens can walk without being deafened by traffic noise. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy.

Noise pollution is a huge and growing problem all over Europe

Social housing is not only for poor people; it is every citizen’s right, says Jacky Jones

‘Women who agree to be surrogate mothers lie to themselves for nine months to avoid cognitive dissonance.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Right to parenthood does not mean State must legalise surrogacy

Both organisations uncannily alike in the way they operate – and in their shortcomings

Children are strapped into buggies for the convenience of parents, often until they start school. Photograph: Getty Images

We need to stop giving lifestyle advice and start focusing on health throughout the life-course

The Royal College of Physicians of Ireland wants school vending machines to stock only healthy options. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Actions proposed by Royal College of Physicians will work and should be acted on

Dr Jacky Jones explains why Articles 40.3.3 and 41.2 of the Constitution need to go

Unless the education system changes, the health of those in lower socioeconomic groups will deteriorate even further

The Healthy Ireland plan, launched in 2013, aims to address the deep-rooted inequalities that lead to poor health

People seem to be relying on medical treatments to solve problems caused by eating

Managers and frontline workers need to know what each treatment and service costs per service user.

The system is not broken. It is just not designed to do the job it has to do

The sugar content of one glass of pure orange juice and a yogurt exceed the WHO recommended daily limit for children. Photograph: Thinkstock

People who consume 17-21 per cent of their calories as added sugar have a 38 per cent greater risk of death from cardiovascular di(...)

Eileen Flynn from Ballyfermot with Travellers and supporters  protesting outside the Dáil on Kildare Street, Dublin last year. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

There is a convincing case for the State finally to recognise Travellers as a distinct ethnic group

The Minister, Dr James Reilly, has said the overall budget will remain the same, so the Health and Wellbeing Division will have to make do with €234 million to not only promote health and prevent disease, but reverse the ill-health caused by the actions of other sectors.  Photograph: Getty Images

Universal Health Insurance: will it make us any healthier?

The Taoiseach, Enda Kenny, with TDs and Senators from all parties on the plinth at Leinster House after a breakfast to celebrate International Women’s Day.  Photograph: Alan Betson

Equal societies have healthier men, women and children

Until hospitals lose their exaggerated local-hero image waiting lists will remain as intractable as ever

Since the death of Donal Walsh, who made an impassioned plea for young people to choose life not death, there has been widespread (...)

Protection of Life during Pregnancy Bill

Plans for health utopia omit breastfeeding, lack synergy and ignore need for trust

Festival goers enjoying a mud bath at Oxegen music festival. Photograph: Alan Betson

Mind your health at 2013 gatherings and festivals

Taxpayers are funding the consequences of education and health inequalities: poorer health, more social exclusion, and more crimin(...)

Road safety adverts: While people's life stories can produce riveting reading and great radio and TV entertainment, they do not influence anyone else's health behaviour.

SECOND OPINION: Using scare tactics to change lifestyle behaviour is beginning to creep back into public health practice.

SECOND OPINION: Forster Street in Galway runs alongside the gates of the old Magdalene home and laundry

The practice of mindfulness seems to be mentioned everywhere these days

I experienced déjà vu listening to radio interviews with Prof John Kennedy on the Irish Cancer Society’s new Strategy Statement…

SECOND OPINION: A few years ago I brought one of my children to hospital with what I suspected was a broken wrist

SECOND OPINION: Only two weeks into 2013 and many people have failed to keep their new year’s resolutions

SECOND OPINION: The EU-IMF-ECB troika insists that the Government stay within the 2013 health budget of €13

SECOND OPINION: One of the consolations for not having enough money is that the three most important human needs – friendship…

SECOND OPINION: At last women who give birth in Irish hospitals may have at least one of their human rights respected and vindica(...)

SECOND OPINION: I watched recent TV ads for a particular brand of “growing-up milk” with disbelief

SECOND OPINION: All women experience menopause at some stage, usually between 45 and 55 years of age

SECOND OPINION: Next Saturday citizens will vote on a proposal to change the Irish Constitution

SECOND OPINION: Lower levels of education are linked to earlier deaths

SECOND OPINION: Government must ensure that healthy eating is affordable

SECOND OPINION: Will the church really seek an absolute ban on abortion?

SECOND OPINION: Abusing sick leave and underperforming are forms of bullying

Citizen control over health services is non-existent

SECOND OPINION : Co-ordinated early action is key to tackling child abuse

SECOND OPINION: Was the practice of symphysiotomy in Ireland an example of ‘group-think’?

SECOND OPINION: ‘Race’ is an incorrect term based on scientific ignorance

SECOND OPINION: AGEISM IS still alive and well in Ireland

SECOND OPINION: Future is uncertain, so bosses go in different directions

SECOND OPINION: A new formula for assessing food just doesn’t add up

SECOND OPINION: Corruption revealed in Mahon report has taken its toll

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