In practice, women in Ireland have little choice about how, when and where to give birth. Photograph: Thinkstock

Ireland’s consultant-led maternity services are misogynistic and need to be overhauled, says Jacky Jones

The latest Survey on Income and Living Conditions from the Central Statistics Office makes for grim reading, says Jacky Jones

Operation Transformation: television and radio shows focused on individual lifestyles will not fix the obesity problem and may even make things worse. Photograph: RTÉ

If RTÉ wants to contribute to population health, it must produce programmes that expose the determinants of obesity, says Jacky Jo(...)

More money never makes up for the loneliness and homesickness that can be felt by emigrants. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Nearly 250,000 healthy citizens have left since 2008, but no one seems to care

 The promenade from the Claddagh to the lighthouse on Mutton Island is one of the few places left in Galway city where citizens can walk without being deafened by traffic noise. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy.

Noise pollution is a huge and growing problem all over Europe

Social housing is not only for poor people; it is every citizen’s right, says Jacky Jones

‘Women who agree to be surrogate mothers lie to themselves for nine months to avoid cognitive dissonance.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Right to parenthood does not mean State must legalise surrogacy

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