Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness signs the book of condolence for Ian Paisley at Derry’s Guildhall. Photograph: Margaret McLaughlin

Analysis: no whitewash from commentators in appraisals of former DUP leader’s record

Members of the Orange Order march in Edinburgh on Saturday. Photograph: Reuters/Russell Cheyne

Northern politicians weigh potential impact of Thursday’s vote on independence

Rev Ian Paisley. Photograph: Eric Luke

Former first minister asked for funeral to be attended by immediate family only

DUP First Minister Peter Robinson described Ian Paisley as a man who left ‘an indelible mark’. Photograph: Will Oliver/AFP

Tributes from politicians of all persuasions

Ian Paisley: always commanded huge support among unionists over his long career. Photograph: Frank Miller

‘We loved him and he adored us, and our earthly lives are forever changed,’ says Baroness Eileen Paisley of her husband of almost (...)

Ian Paisley lived up to the many different characterisations of his personality. Photograph: The Irish Times

Analysis: Late Unionist leader lived up to many different characterisations

Rev Ian Paisley, at the Independent Orange Order demonstration at Ballycastle, Co Antrim in 1985. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh / The Irish Times

Wife Eileen says family ‘heartbroken’ as she confirms death of North’s former first minister

A nun told the North’s Historical Institutional Abuse inquiry in Banbridge, Co Down today that the Sisters of Nazareth were involved in sending about 111 children to Australia

Some 130 children sent from care homes in North as part of child migration programme

Although the witness had a happy childhood in Australia, she  said feelings of “abandonment and isolation came to the surface” when she got engaged.

Historical Institutional Abuse inquiry hears from woman who was transported to Australia

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