Criticism of video games has, traditionally, come from the likes of Mrs Lovejoy in the Simpsons: “Won’t somebody please think of the children?”

Opinion: ‘Virtually every time a feminist comments on video gaming culture, slope-headed reactionaries attempt to shut her down wi(...)

Grandpa Francis may have lit the spark, but director Gia Coppola takes most of the inspiration for her debut film from the writing(...)

This entertaining documentary about TV’s movers & shakers is definitely running on plenty

Somebody ought to issue a bench warrant against the makers of this corny, endless so-called thriller

‘The libertarian argument against fluoridation is worth entertaining.’ Photograph: Getty Images

Opinion: ‘To be fair, none of these more colourful arguments seem to have been levelled in Dublin City Council’

Family fun with the Jamaican bob-sledding team in Cool Runnings

The classics section is surprisingly small, and the same schlock keeps coming up again and again, but there are plenty of movie ge(...)

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