Prof Jonathan Coleman: “We demoed the process in a Kenwood blender from Argos worth €39.95 and added a bit of Fairy Liquid.”

TCD scientists crack problem of producing ‘wonder material’ in large amounts using nothing more complex than a domestic blender

New earth-sized planet discovered - this  photo issued by NASA gives an artist’s impression of Kepler-186f Photograph: Danielle Futselaar/PA Wire

Kepler-186f has possible water and was discovered 490 light years away

Some 86 per cent of those who slept less than an inch apart described themselves as being happy with their relationship. Photograph: Getty Images

Sleeping positions in bed provide a measure of how you get along

Scientists in the UK and Ireland have grown a large number of red blood cells in the laboratory, using stem cells, and are preparing to test them in human trials.

‘Natural’ cells would bring benefits to patients

The new president of the European Research Council wants people to take risks and to be ambitious

Patrick Freyne imagines the kind of space-age future he would like to live in. Spoilsport Science Editor Dick Ahlstrom tells him w(...)

The early Earth was hit by a fast moving asteroid so large that its impact likely made the oceans boil.

Scientists model Earth’s collision with object up to 58km across

André Borschberg, Co-founder and CEO and Bertrand Piccard, Initiator and Chairman (in the cockpit)  standing beside the cockpit of Solar Impulse 2, the single seater solar airplane with which they will attempt  the first round-the-world solar flight.  Photograph: Jean Revillard/

Craft will fly day and night only using solar electricity and batteries to keep it in the air

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