Published: January 10th, 1970Photograph: Jack McManus

The Times We Lived In

Published: April 22nd, 1956

 Ian McEwan: ‘I’m sure Jehovah’s Witnesses won’t be pleased at being reminded that their proscription against blood transfusions wastes many lives.’ Photograph: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert/Getty Images

Ian McEwan pays homage to Yeats and Joyce in his new novel, which, in its story of a boy refusing a blood transfusion, dramatises (...)

The Times we lived in

Published: June, 1963

A polar bear in the Northwest Passage

Cormac James’s new novel is set on a ship sent to search for survivors of John Franklin’s expedition

Photograph: Andrew Testa/New York Times

Writers are never certain, says the novelist, but winning the Man Booker Prize gave him the confidence to radically depart from hi(...)

First published: August 11th 1984 Photograph by Dermot O’Shea

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