The new Jaguar XE has been very carefully crafted into as direct a rival to the 3 Series as could possibly be

Suddenly Jaguar has has a serious competitor in one of the most sought-after sectors - it’s an astounding comeback

While hire-by-the-minute services such as GoCar already give members access to cars, these services are limited and, if you have a long journey in mind, can be prohibitively expensive. Photograph: Conor McCabe

Why actually owning your own car is fast becoming yesterday’s story

New Q7 will spin-off into Q8. Both will face increasing competition as luxury SUVs boom

Car maker’s super-SUV will be its range topper

New smartphone app might help you avoid becoming one of the 37,000 sued for not paying their M50 toll

Video shows disguised versions of Ford’s new 300hp-plus hot rod sliding around its Belgian test track

Can Ford’s Euro-ised muscle car really take on the German grandees? The Mustang arrives in Ireland in the summer

UK price suggests a €45,000 starting point for Irish pony cars

73 per cent of Irish respondents to the Eurobarometer survey said  the car is the form of transport they would most often take. Photograph: Eric Luke

Only Cyprus higher in car-use table compiled by European Commission’s Eurobarometer public opinion department

Mercedes boss Dieter Zetsche said the Maybach brand would show up other than just on the S-Class

Gigantic Maybach-badged SUV on the way

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