At best, the study found an association between coffee-drinking and lower coronary calcium scores. This is long way from proving causation, a more difficult challenge that would require a randomised forward-looking study

Moderation in all things, with healthy scepticism about new studies, is best approach

Gerry Feeney  in Beaumont hospital on December 19th last. The complaint focuses on a failure to offer Mr Feeney the most basic of nursing care

Muiris Houston: Failure of basic care should be taken as seriously as medical problems

One of the keys to successful treatment is to start the anti-virals within 48 hours of the first symptoms appearing

The best hope is that the vaccine will mean the severity of the infection will be somewhat ameliorated, and it may help people avo(...)

Minister for Health Leo Varadkar says he is  in favour of ending the 30-year-old ban on gay men donating blood. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Lifetime ban should be replaced with a one-year deferral

Cooling of newborn infants with moderate to severe hypoxic brain damage reduces the risk of death and of long-term neurological disability. Photograph: Danny Lawson/PA Wire

Head cooling is designed to prevent the further death of brain cells

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