The Skoda Octavia Scout 4x4 can tackle staggeringly steep slopes

Skoda’s Octavia Scout 4x4 is very capable, but buyers may not recognise its talents

Price for new C1 small car will range from just under €11,000 to just over €15,000

More car-makers may abandon the market altogether as Western European sales of mid-sized saloons drop to an all-time low

The Volvo XC90: reached end of production run after 12 years

Audi sells six millionth model while Volvo marks passing of the XC90

Distaste for diesel eases off in the US as diesel car sales increase 25 per cent in first half of 2014

The high-tech new 1.0-litre turbo petrol will be key to Corsa’s appeal

New design strategy based on artistry and precision, says GM’s Mark Adam, as Opel pins its hopes on the new Corsa

Can Ford’s new Mondeo stay competitive in a shrinking marketplace?

With its new Mondeo, based on global G4 platform, Ford is hoping to keep customers interested in mid-sized saloons

Built-in 4G internet connections set to jump to 16 million sales in just two years

Increase in sales of new cars with 4G SIM cards built in. Plus: Big jump in used car sales; Peugeot’s off-road racer; Euro sales c(...)

The 4C is distilled Alfa essence in a €69k carbon-fibre package – not for the faint of heart

Mid-engined sports car hopes to herald Alfa revival, but new saloons still a year away

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