New seven-seater has Co2 emissions starting from 159g/km

Mercedes has dramatically confirmed that it will make a mid-engined hypercar to cash in on its enormous success in recent years in Formula One

New hybrid supercar will put Mercedes into direct competition with Aston Martin and Red Bull

New concept boasts electric range of between 400km and 600km

The Hybrid C-HR’s prices kick off at €29,350 for a Luna model, rising to €31,950 for a Luna Sport and €32,950 for the top-of-the-range Sol

€26,000 starting point for Toyota’s new compact SUV

Volkswagen’s all-battery electric car is set to go on sale as a Golf-sized EV hatch in 2019.

New battery rival to Golf could be star of Paris motor show this week

Citroën’s  striking CXPERIENCE concept will be shown  at the 2016 Paris motor show

Volkswagen will be centre stage in Paris, despite the efforts of French and Asian rivals

New Renault Scenic: has the looks but has it missed the market?

Challening road ahead for revamped Scenic as SUVs become increasingly more popular

The new Hyundai i3: all models come with a six-speed manual gearbox as standard, while a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic is available on certain versions.

Korean firm’s hatchback will take on Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus and Opel Astra

The new Land Rover Discovery are about to find that their favourite car will get both Range Rover-esque styling and a much more efficient powertrain

Next big Land Rover to be unveiled at Paris motor show will get lower emissions

Peugeot has replaced its current  5008 people carrier (MPV) with  an SUV  seven-seater aiming to  compete with the likes of the new Skoda Kodiaq and the Hyundai Santa Fe.

Revamped model comes with surprise in the boot: the new eFO1 folding electric bike

 Range Rover Evoque:   compact SUV’s new jewell-like headlamps with their ghostly outline of LED daytime running lights smarten and freshen up a familiar face

In battle between two excellent mid-size SUVs, which of the British crossovers comes out on top?

Skoda’s new Kodiaq SUV: this seven-seater could push the brand up against some long established premium players in the SUV ranks

Incredibly spacious seven-seater expected to be big seller among Irish buyers next year

The latest twist and turn in the Apple car story could be a link up between the computer and tech giant and BMW. Photograph: Bloomberg via Getty Images

US analyst suggests companies could collaborate on Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ car project

Amazon Vehicles has just been added to the retail giant’s US website, and while you cannot yet purchase a car directly from Amazon itself, you can peruse models, prices, specifications, colours and options to your heart’s content.

‘Amazon Vehicles’ section added to site ahead of Jeremy Clarkson motor show launch

Opel’s  Ampera-e hatchback is expected to go on sale for about €38,000.

All-electric compact hatch boasts 322km range, outclassing Nissan Leaf’s 250km

Subaru Levorg  has been introduced to Ireland as a result of customer demand – but just how well will it actually sell?

Costly and no diesel option but car has secret weapon: its role in British racing series

A top-down image of a cartoon 5 Series. The idea is to publicise BMW’s new ‘Remote View 3D’ system, which uses the car’s all-round parking cameras to allow you to view remotely what’s happening next to or near your car.

Short on detail, but grainy ‘3D’ image is first undisguised photograph of new G30 5 Series

Andy Bruce of Lookers: ‘We have for many years been building a strong, leading position in the new and used car market in Ireland’.

Lookers, owner of Audi South Dublin, posts big profits and increased sales revenue

The 2008 has a taller, flatter face with more aggressively angled and indented headlamps and a bigger, more toothy grille

Peugeot’s updated small crossover looks more stylish but is as useful under the skin as it was before

The Vision coupé is 6m long, purely a design statement but a hint at where future Mercedes-Maybach models are going.

Failed Mercedes ultra-luxury brand is on comeback trail with a 6m-long coupé

The plan calls for a year-on-year rise of 2.18 cent a litre for diesel over five years. The move would push prices up over 117 cent. Photograph: Justin Tallis/AFP/Getty Images

Series of diesel tax rises, to match duty on petrol, proposed due to air quality concerns

Car hacking: the more complex the electronics – and the more interaction they are allowed with the outside world – the more vulnerable you and your car are to unwanted attention

Electronic systems are attractive but they also open vulnerable access points

The lower house of the Dutch parliament has given initial approval for the proposalto ban the sale of new combustion-engined cars from 2025.

Initial backing given for ban on sale of new petrol- or diesel-powered cars

Self-drive? Mercedes attempted to clarify the situation, saying there was on-screen text in the advert reminding viewers that the car can’t drive itself completely

Carmaker is still investing in electric cars and has bought stake in Hailo

Late afternoon traffic in Auckland, New Zealand, where a no-fault insurance model for cars has been operation since 1928

Using a more radical proposal to reduce the cost of car insurance such as New Zealand’s ‘no-fault’ system could work in Ireland (...)

Ford’s S-Max also comes in ‘Shadow’ black and ‘Frozen’ white

Spacious, comfortable seven-seater family model sees car maker back to its best

The average age of cars on Irish roads today is nine years

New figures from Cartell show that the Irish car fleet is ageing fast

The number of imported used cars from the UK was 5,707 in July, a rise of 35 per cent compared to July 2015, but that’s not out of line with historical figures. Photograph: iStock

Used car imports are up on last year, but the fall in sterling’s value is not the reason

According to VW’s head of group R&D: “Particulate filters for diesel engines are already proven and established. The gasoline particulate filter will now reduce the particulate emissions of direct injection petrol engines by up to 90 per cent.”

Think petrol is automatically cleaner than diesel? Think again

On average, the cost of car insurance has risen by 38 per cent in the past year: According to the insurance industry, there are solid and sadly sensible reasons for   this. Illustration: iStock/Getty

Lawyers and the insurance industry are at loggerheads with motorists stuck in the middle

Safety experts in Australia are up in arms over the RS’s “Drift Mode”, the technology which, when enabled, helps and encourages you to slip and slide your RS in the manner of a rally ace.

Orders for 220 cars put back to 2017; safety experts call for disabling of RS’s ‘Drift Mode’

Mercedes’s leaked product plan for 2017

Line-up will include new crossover coupes and the now-famous pickup truck

Tesla’s autopilot system in operation: China has banned the use of experimental autonomous vehicles on its roads

Volvo also apparently cooling on idea of total vehicular autonomy following Tesla crash

According to economist Jim Power, “despite the still-positive economic outlook, growth in car sales could be low or maybe even flat in 2017”.

Auto trade rattled by fall in consumer confidence and post-Brexit uncertainty

Irish driver Martin Donnelly: “We should still be excited about F1”

Stepping back on safety isn’t how to make F1 exciting again, says Martin Donnelly

July could outpace the more traditional January in the sales race this year. Photograph: Tobias Schwarz/Reuters

More than 13,000 new cars registered in just the first seven days

Land Rover test vehicle in the west of Ireland: likely to be the next generation of its Discovery range

Heavily camouflaged test car likely to be new Discovery as the industry prepares for a fresh wave of SUVs

Renault’s design department is back on top – the car has plenty of style – but its quality-control people still need to put some o(...)

Canadian inventor claims to have invented wheels that can crab sideways

Audi Q2’s arrival is as predictable as the coming in of the tides.

The new Q2 is hardly innovative, but Audi has made it too good for us to dislike it

Shane Ross, the Minister for Transport, with Steve Tormey, chief executive of Toyota Ireland, at the launch of the  Yuko car-sharing club

Car club is as much about expanding the brand’s ‘family’ as about micro-rentals

Mazda’s new MX-5 RF is a hard-top semi-convertible, more in the traditions of a Targa top than a full convertible

De facto British motor show sees Mazda unveil its hard-top MX-5 as Bristol brand hints at a return

The new Seat Ateca is a little smaller than the Volkswagen Tiguan with which it shares much of its mechanical package, and a lot smaller than Skoda’s upcoming seven-seat Kodiaq, but it seems to hit the SUV target right in the centre ring

Likeable, roomy Ateca will be a boon to Seat sales, but it’s very much a me-too SUV

Under EU law, any member nation may pass a new vehicle as fit for sale across the bloc, as the standards are the same for everyone

New cars are being passed as fit for sale despite no testing taking place here

Sized-up Korean model has impressive space but lacks seven seats

First unveiled as a Skoda concept the new production version of its SUV, the Kodiaq, will be a major seller once it lands in Ireland

The rush for new cars has already begun, but it might be worth holding your fire until you’ve checked out what’s yet due to arrive(...)

Finance packages can work for buyers, but they are a gamble on used car values

Finance packages can work for buyers, but they are a gamble on used car values

Used values actually rising but depreciation still the biggest cost in motoring, while Brexit could lead to a dramatic increase in UK used imports

Brexit will hit values but customers must also be prudent when buying and opting for a car from the top 10 best-sellers list is a (...)

The Toyota Hybrid Challenge is inviting Irish buyers to order a Yaris, Auris, RAV4 or Prius hybrid before the 31st of July this year, and if they’re not happy with it, will swap it for free

New ?Hybrid Challenge? offers a free swap into petrol or diesel models

Much publicity over the prospects of city-centre bans for diesel-engined cars in France and Germany won’t have helped diesel’s case. Photograph: Getty Images

Emissions scandals finally affecting diesel-powered car sales in Ireland and Europe

WV is hoping to become a rival for Tesla which has a massive number of orders for its upcoming Model 3 saloon. Photograph: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg

Ca maker plans to launch more than 20 electric or hybrid vehicles across group by 2020

New Fiat 124: New sports car shares much with the MX-5 but manages to carve out a little of its own character

New sports car shares much with the MX-5 but manages to carve out a little of its own character

Unlike early predictions of a complex ‘active’ suspension system, Citroën’s has created a purely ‘passive’ setup, one that reacts as would any car’s springs and dampers to muffle the bumps and thumps coming up from the road

‘Advanced Comfort’ setup supposed to bring back the soft-ride of classic Citroëns

The first of the new 40 family to go on sale, in 2017, will be the XC40 crossover.

Twinned concepts preview 2017’s XC40 crossover and new V40 hatch

At €263,000, we’d hoped for more than a mish-mash of A4 and TT bits and pieces

Paul Linders and his father Joe at the new store in the Swords Pavilions shopping centre.

Renault and Dacia store to open in Pavillions shopping centre this weekend

Indian-market Renault Kwid one of several vehicles accused of offering poor accident protection to drivers in emerging markets

ICCT says the data being used to set up emission lab tests is wrong 

One-third of vehicle emissions being under reported due to incomplete testing data

New hatch is larger and roomier than a Swift, but still conspicuously good value for money

Carlos Ghosn, chief executive officer of Nissan Motor (centre), and Osamu Masuko, chairman and chief executive officer of Mitsubishi Motors (left). Mitsubishi, hit and crippled by its unfolding fuel economy scandal, has bowed to the perhaps inevitable and accepted a bid from Nissan for 34 per cent of Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi will become part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance with a 34 per cent stake taken by the Franco-Japanese giant

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo V 1998

They have lost ground in sales but it’s worth recalling seven of their best including a current offering

According to car history checking service Cartell, one in ten cars imported from the UK in 2015 was previously written off for accident damage.

Cartell finds that 10.4 per cent of cars imported into Ireland last year were previously written off

The Toyota GT86 Shooting Brake concept: sadly not signed off for production

Shooting Brake concept is fully functional but sadly it’s not for production

The Road Safety Authority wants all cars fitted with ‘intelligent speed assistants’

Skoda’s long-awaited new SUV was previewed through the Vision-S concept

New seven-seater will be named after an Alaskan bear

Good to go: David Newman (centre) and Jonathan Rea, 2015 World Superbike Champion, in the Kawasaki team strip, with a volunteer from the Blood Bike Leinster charity

Data shows bikers safer on two wheels and four, says insurance chief

Ageing hatchback’s new 2.0-litre 120hp diesel engine’s performance is impressive

 Sergio Marchionne, CEO of of Fiat Chrysler: If Tesla can show me that the car will be profitable at that price, I will copy the formula, add the Italian design flair and get it to the market within 12 months.”

Marchionne throws down gauntlet to Musk over Model 3

Volkswagen chief Matthias Mueller, speaks during a news conference in Germany on Thursday  Photograph: Bloomberg

VW still expects 2016 to be a good year for sales, but costs for diesel emissions scandal are rising

Just don’t tell let them know that this plug-in X5 is still pretty thirsty . . .

Jag’s first SUV could be transformative model for brand in Ireland’s car market

Nissan Leaf: when Chris Drumm plugged his car into the charging point, “there was a bang from the charger and a smell of burning and smoke came from it”

Customer’s Nissan Leaf stopped working after he tried to charge it

Mitsubishi Motors Corp’s President Tetsuro Aikawa (centre) and Executive Vice President Ryugo Nakao (left) at a news conference at the transport ministry in Tokyo, Japan.

Company president Aikawa admits that massaged fuel figures decades as share price plunges

The insurance industry has sounded a warning to drivers not to take needless risks in cars which are not fully autonomous. The warning comes on foot of the release of systems by Tesla (above), which are partly autonomous but which still require full attention and concentration by the driver. 

Autonomous cars will still need a driver to oversee their operation

Testing times: The Equa air quality index tests are carried out by an independent firm called Emissions Analytics

New Equa tests give car giant’s Euro6-compliant diesels top grades but tests show several other popular car models well above emi(...)

A report commissioned by the Northern Ireland Bodyshop Alliance has warned against the use of non-original car parts

NI trade body says ‘pattern’ parts used in repairs compromising road safety

Mercedes E-Class. ‘The ride is perfectly smooth and unruffled, yet without an ounce of slop to the body control. It really is dynamically something of a masterclass.’

New vehicle is prime weapon in Merc’s battle to be bestselling luxury car brand by 2020

Former Aston Martin designer Henrif Fisker: His company folded after 4,000 Karma plug-in hybrids had been built and sold, but now he’s back on more familiar territory – designing a custom-built body for existing mechanicals

The man who helped reinvent Aston Martin has just designed a V10 but he is convinced of the potential plug-in hybrids offer

The  mass-market Model 3:  in just a few days since this unfinished, untested new electric saloon was first revealed to the public, Tesla has taken 325,000 orders for it. Photograph: Tesla Motors/Handout via Reuters

Stunning success of California-based electric car firm marred by Model X safety recall

Performance and fuel efficiency improved in sports car as it goes turbo

Mazda’s last rotary, used in the RX-8 sports coupe in 2012: the design had heavy oil consumption and generally lousy economy to deal with

Filing could indicate that car maker has solved tricky fuel consumption issues

 Ferrari 355 S Scaglietti racing car: sold at auction in Paris in February, the 355 S had been raced by none other than Stirling Moss

They used to be a sure-fire investment, but vintage Ferraris are not breaking records

The spacious Octavia RS 230 offers poise and comfort, as well as sturdy steering

Carlos Tavares, chief executive officer of PSA Peugeot Citroen, has promised that between now and 2021 his two vehicle brands (three if you count Citroen’s luxury DS spinoff) will launch 26 new passenger cars and eight new commercial vehicles including a pickup truck for the burgeoning one-tonne market.

Peugeot Citroen’s boss says the companies will launch 26 new models including a pickup

UK car imports: Irish consumers thinking of buying an import have been told to “grab the opportunity now because no one knows what could actually happen in the event of a Brexit”. Photograph: Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Yes vote could complicate the purchasing process for buyers, say experts

Back from the dead: the XKSS will return next year to mark the 60th anniversary of Jaguar’s original XKSS

Nine of the 1950s classics will come to market next year for €1.5m each

Mazda MX-5 Retractable Fastback: comes in 1.5 or 2.0-litre engine options and with an optional automatic gearbox version

New hard-top the best-looking MX-5 yet and perfect for our weather conditions

Oil versus electricity: Protesters attend a rally in Beverly Hills, California demanding the Los Angeles Times not be sold to the Koch Brothers, portraits of which were held up. Charles and Bill Koch have donated millions to various conservative causes, including a new lobby group opposing electric cars. Photograph:  Joe Klamar/AFP

New lobby group funded by Koch brothers will try to convince governments to end electric vehicle subsidies

Luca de Meo, President of the Seat Executive Committee

Will the turnaround be enough to secure the VW-owned brand’s future?

A diagnosis programme being run on a VW Passat TDI at a repair shop in Solingen, Germany.  Photograph: Marius Becker/EPA

Carmaker aims to make electric and part-electric models affordable

With tyres studded with small aluminium spikes and a couple of spare Jerry-cans of petrol in the boot, off we set in the Mazda CX-3. Photographs: Drew Gibson

Car maker’s small hatchback proves surprisingly adept for polar transport

Volvo V60 D6 Twin Engine: carmaker knows mixing diesel and electrics is the wrong road to follow

Not enough range on electric, not enough economy on diesel, and too pricey overall

The Citroen DS 3 Cabrio on display at the Geneva motor show: the DS 3 was among the cars used in PSA Peugeot Citroen’s fuel economy tests; it scored 4.9 litres per 100km, (57.6mpg). Photograph: Fabrice Coffrini/AFP/Getty Images

Transport & Environment has ratified PSA’s new fuel economy tests

Kia’s Optima didn’t need a major redesign just some tweaks to improve its appeal

Compact, and based on the same underpinnings as the A1 and the VW Polo, the Q2 is chunky and both wider and taller than the A3 Sportback hatchback

Chunky small crossover uses A1 ands Polo bits

The new Fiat Tipo: arriving in Ireland later this year

New hatch and estate join the award-winning saloon at Geneva

The tenth-generation Civic, which will go on sale before the end of this year, will be quite different. For the first time ever, it will share its structure and underpinnings with the US-market Civic

Tenth-generation Civic hatch previewed by concept

Koenigsegg says the light battery stack, encased in a sealed unit for better cooling, is at F1-levels of technology and that the Regera will sprint from 0-100kmh in just 2.8secs

€1.58-million Swedish supercar undercuts and almost out-punches the mighty Bugatti Chiron

Opel’s GT concept: a glimpse at the future with a nod to the past, in keeping with the overall show

Motoring’s most important car show can’t seem to decide whether to look forwards or backwards. Or both at the same time.

The new Mercedes-Benz C-Class convertible:  a four-seater, with a fabric roof that takes 20secs to open or close, and which can be raised or lowered at speeds of up to 50kmh.

First-ever soft-top C-Class set to be more practical than rivals

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