As the US celebrates ‘Turkey Day’ today, some Americans living in Ireland give us their food memories of the holiday and share som(...)

‘Frozen Snow Glow Elsa is just another sign that constantly force-fed with commercial fantasy and technology, children don’t need to make an effort to entertain themselves any more, so creativity withers.’ Photograph: John Stillwell/PA

Opinion: ‘Why does an anxious parent work themselves into a state, convinced their child’s Christmas will be ruined without a part(...)

‘The 10 per cent of Irish men who buy sex are under the illusion that there is mutual pleasure in the expensive sexual release they’ve booked online with a woman’ Photograph: Getty Images

Opinion: ‘In the debate about the criminalisation of the purchase of sex, it is an overlooked issue’

Seafield House, Co Sligo

A new book seeks to chart all the dark and spirit-laden places in Ireland

Drawing from fashion

Photograph: Getty Images

Computer code shapes our world – regardless of your age, job or gender. So why are so few of us proficient in this most modern of (...)

Joan Freeman of Pieta House has written a useful book about self-harm, Cover Up. Photograph: Daragh McSweeney/Provision

I’m afraid they will be worried or angry, or will treat me like I’m made of glass

Illustration: Thinkstock

I feel like a man-repeller, despite being an attractive, interesting, fun person

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