‘Recent reforms of Freedom of Information legislation don’t go nearly far enough to reflect international best practice in opening up State-controlled databases to the public.’

Irish media have been slow to engage with data-driven projects. But that is changing

‘There seems to be an assumption in some quarters that if a child doesn’t get her sticky fingers all over her personal iPad before she knows how to spell her own name, she will be doomed for life, forever playing catch-up with her more tech-savvy peers.’ Photograph: Getty Images

‘The idea that turning your young child into a super-user will give her an advantage over anyone else is akin to thinking that ma(...)

A car at the scene of a fatal crash last May in Fairview, Dublin. Photograph: Hugh Linehan/The Irish Times

Opinion: Is it merely ghoulish voyeurism or justified public interest?

Enterprising: Captain James T Kirk

There’s no reason to believe literacy is declining, Steven Pinker argues in his new book, ‘The Sense of Style: The Thinking Person(...)

Ted talker: Bill Gates. Photograph: Ryan Lash/Ted

Tomorrow, Newstalk begins broadcasting TED Talks, those stimulating speeches on arcane subjects that have become an online phenome(...)

‘This weekend, the Archbishop of Tuam Michael Neary had some provocative things to say during Mass at Croagh Patrick’s summit.’  Photograph: Michael Mc Laughlin

Opinion: Ireland is highly unusual in still having a constitutional prohibition on blasphemy

“Strip away the modern accoutrements, and the production line involved in getting out a daily newspaper is essentially the same now as at the end of the 19th century.” Photograph: Getty Images

Print media must adapt to a new communications reality. There is nothing to fear in exploring this complex arena

Brett Meyers, chief executive of CurrencyFair, explains how he convinced  Sebastian Chabal to dress up as a fairy.

Tom Lyons is in the chair as our business journalists discuss the week’s big stories

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