Robin Lane Fox, Master of Gardens at New College, Oxford. Photograph: J L Lightfoot

Part of the great appeal of Robin Lane Fox’s garden writing is the fact that he doesn’t give a fig for fashionable opinion

 A vase of lightly scented sweet pea flowers. Photograph: Richard Johnston

Each of the chemically unique fragrances in the garden can spark a host of emotions and memories

Now is an excellent time to take semi-ripe cuttings of many different plants. Photographs: Richard Johnston

Fionnuala Fallon’s guide to this week’s garden tasks

 Come into my oasis: Bernard Hickie in his bijou but perfectly formed city garden in Dublin. Photographs: Richard Johnston

The size of this city garden proved to be no impediment to the ambition of its owner, who designed it himself

Leaves and edible flowers for the salad bowl. Photograph: Richard Johnston

July is an excellent month in which to start sowing seed of many different salad leaves . . . and not just for the summer salad (...)

Photograph: Getty Images

Féile an Phráta

Keep picking sweet pea to encourage further flowering

Fionnuala Fallon’s tips for this week’s tasks

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