A Cabbage White butterfly feeding from oregano flowers. Photograph: Richard Johnston
Flying visitors

We can all help reverse the sad decline of butterflies by turning our gardens into havens for these beautiful insects


Tulip themed events around Ireland

Lines of chives growing in the walled Victorian kitchen garden at Ashtown in the Phoenix Park. Photograph: Richard Johnston

Herbs are easy to grow, smell glorious and are endlessly useful in the kitchen

 The new gardens at Airfield estate in Dublin. Photograph: Seanandyvette

After a three-year revamp, the gardens at Airfield in Dundrum are ready to open

Ballymaloe Cookery School potager, with marigolds, lavender and artichokes.

Flowers can be grown for their edible qualities as well as their aesthetic strengths

Creative pruning by Jake Hobson. Photograph: Jake Hobson

Root out your best tools and tackle the evergreens that will benefit from a spot of creative pruning, trimming, thinning or sheari(...)

We are familiar with the many varieties of potato but try asking your older relatives about those they remember from childhood

Don’t forget the garden when it comes to doing a refurb. You don’t need green fingers to create something special

Whether you’re a messy or a tidy-minded gardener, it’s time for a clean up and perhaps a complete rethink of your flower border

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