Tunnel vision

Did your polytunnel get the better of you this summer? Never fear – there’s plenty of time to get it ship-shape and primed for y(...)

 The restored Irish National War Memorial Gardens at Islandbridge, Dublin. Photographs: Richard Johnston

Though neglected for many years, the restored Irish National War Memorial Gardens form a poignant tribute to those whose lives it (...)

Verney Naylor-designed garden and boathouse at the West Cork home of Lord and Lady Puttnam

Wind-blown and salty – coastal gardens are challenging, so take advice from two experts

Freeze peas, deal with slugs, pick sweet pea and order seeds

Dahlia ‘Twyning’s Revel’. Photograph: Richard Johnston
Dazzling dahlias

Making their presence felt in hot pinks, red and oranges, these flowers are a brilliant addition to a summer garden

Cut back chives to encourage new growth. Photograph: Richard Johnston

Sowing, cutting back, planting and pinching out

 Blackcurrants waiting to be made into jams, ice cream, cassis and cordial. Photograph: Richard Johnston

From jam to ice-lollies and cassis, the tasty blackcurrant is truly versatile . . . and has the added benefit of health-enhancing(...)

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