Willow weaver Beth Murphy at work in her country garden on County Kildare. Photographs: Richard Johnston

These eco-friendly structures and sculptures can transform a garden

Cosmos ‘Double Click Cranberries’

Transform a simple border or container into something exceptional

One of the Brown Envelope Seeds polytunnels filled with the ripening seedheads of salad and vegetable crops. Photograph: Richard Johnston

For gardeners interested in growing heritage Irish vegetables that will withstand the weather, Brown Envelope Seeds is a good plac(...)

It may be cold outside, but this is the best time to start growing chilli plants from seed

Sam Smyth of Urban Plant Life surrounded by the Kentia palm (Howea forsteriana), one of his favourite indoor plants. Photographs: Richard Johnston

Pot plants also add humidity and filter pollutants from our homes and offices

A liquid mix of different beneficial bacteria, yeast and fungi restores life to the soil with wonderful results. Photograph: Richard Johnston

Feeding soil with helpful bacteria will make a difference to your lawns and borders

June Blake’s exciting, contemporary garden in County Wicklow. Photographs: Richard  Johnston

Forget turning over a new leaf, be brave and turn over a completely new garden

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