Aoibhinn McGinnity and Ben Forster at the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. Photograph: Brian McEvoy

Love/Hate actor Aoibhinn McGinnity and former star of Jesus Christ Superstar Ben Forster are bringing the Will Ferrell festive fav(...)

Irish Water chief executive John Tierney,  arriving at Government Buildings ahead of the Cabinet meeting yesterday  morning. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill/The Irish Times

Tierney confident that measures including application of charges to properties of owner-occupiers will be sufficient to guara(...)

The Minister for the Environment, Alan Kelly, has announced households made up of two adults or more will have to pay €160 a year. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

As charges fall, how will water be paid for?

Minister for Environment Alan Kelly today announced the new and revised water charges package

What will it cost, when do I start paying, and do I still need to give them my PPS number?

A water vessel next to a garden shed is a good idea for conservation but talk of canny consumers cutting costs could well dry up after today’s announcement

Despite cheaper water it’s hard to see many households coming in under the new limits

A visualisation of tweets just as Scotland scored against Ireland - see graphic below

We tracked the thousands of tweets posted during Euro 2016 clash

Bono reportedly fell off his bike this week in Central Park, injuring himself badly enough that U2 had to cancel their week long appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Late Show’. Pictured here leaving the recording of the Band Aid 30 charity single to raise money to combat Ebola. Photograph: Neil Hall/Reuters

Bono’s fall from his bike may just prove that we’ve reached peak MAMIL - Middle-aged Men in Lycra

Lisa Redmond: ‘I wait until I’m in a bad mood to call the insurance company.’ Photograph: Eric Luke

Shopping around for insurance is one of the easiest ways to save, yet very few do it. It’s part three of the series that shows you(...)

AIB: said it should have been told customer was abroad

An expert tells one reader how to make savings on health insurance; and AIB’s overzealous card security measures drive another rea(...)

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