Ruth Field says walk, or make it your mission to find an alternative exercise that meets the minimum exercise requirements. And do it now. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Ruth Field believes a sunny disposition can wipe a decade off your face and exercise can get rid of that telltale mother-of-thre(...)

Running mates: a time might come when your companion starts to slow you down - or simply annoy you. Photograph: Getty Images/Fuse

Have you tired of inducting a new jogger? Here’s how to gently let them down – with elan

The first rule of committed running is to run whatever the weather conditions. Photograph: Getty Images

Running in the rain beats any indoor exercise, once you close the front door behind you

Olfactory blues: what are you to do when something doesn’t smell right in your relationship? Photograph: Thinkstock

My boyfriend can spend five hours a day in the pub but not five minutes in the shower

The grit doctor says: ‘Remind yourself through your gritted teeth that none of it is supposed to be easy.’ Photograph: Thinkstock

Give yourself a break. Running is all the sweeter if you haven’t done it for weeks

Don’t restrict yourself to your Tinder app. Get online with other dating agencies. Photograph: Thinkstock

Using a dating app in an honest fashion in your mission to find Mr Right may involve a few simple adjustments

Being active is every bit as necessary to me for a great holiday as all the wine, cheese and merrymaking . . . and the long stretches of runnable sandy beach are drawing me in. Photograph: iStockphoto

I’m enjoying my holidays to the full, but I am also making damn sure I get exercise every day

Being constantly told that these are the best years and how much we should treasure our young children can add to the pressures of being a parent. Photograph: Thinkstock

Life with young children can be an emotional rollercoaster – so take some time out

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