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A new obesity study brings cautious optimism, but the researchers say the current level is unacceptable

‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams is the top requested song on Upbeat radio.

Having people with experience involved in the delivery of recovery courses and seminars is important

Róisín and Mark Molloy: Their son, Mark, died 22 minutes after he was born. Photograph: Eric Luke

The death of Mark Molloy just after birth has led to an investigation of care and safety in maternity hospitals

Geraldine Looney, with her coach, Kieran Reilly, and her guide dog, Irv.

Geraldine Looney is putting years of cycling aside as she prepares to run the Cork Mini Marathon, in aid of the Irish Guide Dogs (...)

One-third of most cancers can be prevented by factors that we can control through healthy diet, exercise and maintaining a healthy weight. Photograph: Thinkstock

More than 60 per cent of people in Ireland survive for five years or longer after a cancer diagnosis and go on to live a normal an(...)

Guest DJs Alison Canavan, Alan Shortt and Theresa Lowe of Upbeat On Air, which will be broadcast live from St Patrick hospital, Dublin, from October 6th to 10th. Photograph: Marc O’Sullivan

St Patrick’s hospital will host Ireland’s first pop-up radio station to promote positive attitudes to mental health

Previous generations in Ireland did not talk about their emotions, and there a sense that it was shameful, especially for men, to show emotion. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Self-expression is the timely theme of The Merriman Summer School

Diabetic retinopathy can cause the blood vessels in the lining at the back of the eye (the retina) to leak or become blocked and damage your sight.  Photograph: Thinkstock

When caught early, treatment for retinopathy is effective at reducing or preventing damage to sight

For a burn, run cold or lukewarm water over the burned area for at least 15 minutes as hot drinks can burn for that length of time after being poured.

First-aid classes for parents and childminders, to learn how to cope with a home emergency, are a must

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