Dietary guidelines from industry professionals and university nutritionists emphasise the fact that people should eat ‘real food’. Photograph: Getty Images

Trust your granny when it comes to advice on healthy eating for you and your family

Factory farmed cows and chickens: ‘The intensification of animal farming has virtually destroyed the nutritional quality of our food,’ says Prof Michael Crawford, of London’s Institute of Brain Chemistry and Nutrition.  Photographs: Getty Images

Factory farming is based on cost – the animals do not count, and nor do the people in or near the factories

People have had life-altering experiences with food during the crucial teenage years

Worth more than a hill of beans: bean video makes us ask ourselves if we have been showing enough respect to the most humble things that we grow. Photograph: Getty Images

A video and an article about beans in ‘The New Yorker’ entitled ‘The intelligent plant’ made my mind boggle

You can eat and drink what you like over the Christmas period, so long as you exercise every day. A walk, run or a cycle will cancel out all the extra indulgence. Photograph: Getty Images

Don’t abandon the gym or walking circuit and you can truly enjoy the little luxuries of the festive season


Pleasant kitchen smells can contribute as much to our happiness as the hearty meal it heralds

Irish cows are grass-fed which means their beef is as lean as a skinless chicken breast. Photograph: Joanne Murphy

After a half-century of listening to nutritional advice that made us fatter, it’s time to reassess our attitude to red meat

Are you eating a rainbow of colours to make your tummy happy and your head healthy? Photograph: Getty Images

We need to garden our health, our food, our gut. Think colour, variety, texture, seasonality, taste and fun

Even the simple ritual of setting a table enables us to taste food better and focus more on taste. Photograph: Getty Images

Make your dining experience, wherever you are, a beautiful one with a nicely set table, candles and gleaming glasses

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